Fr. Mike Houston, Advent-Retreat preacher

December 1-5

If you didn’t know better, you would think that Redemptorist Father Mike Houston was a Manville boy. He was raised in the working-class town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After high school, he had been a blue-collar worker; had a girlfriend, played a guitar, and drove a Harley. Does this sound like the start of a priestly vocation to you? Hardly!

At the urging of his hometown pastor, Fr. Mike began studies for the priesthood. His undergraduate studies were done at Washington Theological Union, and his seminary training was mostly at St. John’s University in Queens. After ordination he served 13 years in the Caribbean working with the poor. For 5 of those years, Fr. Mike was the pastor of an all-black congregation, a job he loved.

Today, Fr. Mike is an associate with Redemptorist Father Jim Szobonya, a Manville native, at St. Gerard Catholic Church in Lima, Ohio. Please welcome Fr. Mike Houston as he enlivens our faith at the evening retreat sessions, Sunday through Wednesday. Be a part of Christ the redeemer Advent retreats a time for renewal and preparation for Christmas. We are looking to seeing You!

Rekolekcje Adventowe z O. Arkadiusz Buszka

Każdy czegoś szuka. Jedni szukają szczęścia, inni wciąż gonią za miłością, a jeszcze innym całe życia upływa na szukaniu „dziury w całym”. A Ty czego szukasz? Może wydaje Ci się, jako przykładnemu chrześcijaninowi, że szukasz Boga? Paradoks jednak polega na tym, że to nie Ty szukasz Boga, ale Bóg wciąż szuka Ciebie – On od początku stworzenia szuka człowieka, którym zafascynował się od pierwszej chwili, odkąd tchnął w jego nozdrza tchnienie życia. Czy zechcesz dać Mu się odnaleźć?

Jak to zrobić? Udział w rekolekcjach adwentowych to pierwszy ku temu krok. „W oczekiwaniu Pana…” – to temat naszych rekolekcyjnych zamyśleń. Ale kto na kogo czeka? Kto tak naprawdę przeżywa swój Adwent?

O. Arkadiusz Buszka - urodził się w 1984 roku w Toruniu. W roku 2008 po ukończeniu studiów na Uniwersytecie Mikołaja Kopernika wstąpił do Zgromadzenia Najświętszego Odkupiciela, a w 2010 roku złożył śluby zakonne. Święcenia kapłańskie przyjął 28 maja 2016 r. w Tuchowie. Następnie skierowany został do pracy duszpasterskiej w parafii św. Klemensa Hofbauera w Warszawie. Obecnie jest słuchaczem dwuletniego studium pastoralnego redemptorystów w Lublinie, gdzie przygotowuje się do pracy misjonarza – rekolekcjonisty.

Rekolekcje odbeda sie w dniach 16 - 19 grudnia.

Mega Raffle

Christ The Redeemer Mega Raffle 2018 WINNERS!

1st -- $2,740.00 -- Anthony Scarpantonio
2nd -- $2,055.00 -- Margaret Gerenza
3rd -- $1,370.00 -- Geraldine & Walter Klimowich

22 Runner Up Prize Winners - $342.50

Lee Ravaioli, Ida Corradino, Wojciech Sadej, Mary Ann Mahilo, Elizabeth Niedala, Bogdan Nowak, Henry & Marta Klik, Dolores Tomaszfski, Tomasz Jaje, Richard Norton, Gloria Saverin, Leokadia Macur, Kathleen Tartaglione, Regina Grodzki, Angie & Walt Wilczek, Janina Miazga, Anna & Bogdan Chlipalski, Bonnie Nemes, Nialetta Makowski, Jan Poplawski, Joe Soska, Jan Guszkiwicz


Father Bogie 25th anniversary of his ordination

Christ the Redeemer Parish was honored to join in celebrating with Father Bogie on the 25th anniversary of his ordination. Rev. Boguslaw Augustyn was ordained on May 30, 1993 in the Church of the Annunciation of Our Lady in Tuchow, Poland. He currently serves as an Army Reserve Chaplain with the rank of Lt. Col. He earned a Master’s of Divinity degree in theology from Major Redemptorist Seminary, Tuchow, Poland, his master’s degree in Church history from the Pontifical Academy of Theology, Krakow, Poland, and his master’s degree in sociology from the Catholic University of America, Washington DC. He also received his doctorate in Sociology from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

Father Bogie reports to the Pentagon where he “Takes the temperature every day.” in his own words reporting to his superiors on the moral of the troops. He writes policies for chaplains in the Army and helps to prepare them for their ministry with the troops. On weekends, he travels to two military bases in the D. C. area serving at Masses.

Father Bogie served as pastor of CTR Parish from June, 1999 to May, 2009. He is affectionally described as extremely focused and determined. He is also described as someone who puts all his energy into any project underway. When the Bishop approached him concerning the possible combining of CTK and SH parishes, he worked diligently on renovations to CTK School. Father Bogie found parishioners he could trust and who he knew would work with him towards the betterment of our parish.

As part of Father Bogie’s 25th anniversary celebration, he was the main officiant at the 10:00 and 11:30 Masses at the Sacred Heart worship site. At the 10:00 service, participants included the Knights of Columbus, seven altar servers, Deacons Bill and Tom, Father Stan, the choir, a videographer, ushers, and a packed church of parishioners. Father Stan made opening remarks honoring Father Bogie for his commitment, love, and sacrifices for the love of God. Father Bogie thanked everyone in attendance and commented on how hard it was to believe it had been ten years since his assignment in Manville. Olivia Jaime and Kyla Kinahan, both eighth grade students participated in the Mass by doing the first reading and intercessions, respectively. Deacon Bill presented a homily that focused on how we respond to God’s calling. He referred to how Father Bogie received the call and spent many years in training to become a Redemptorist priest. Deacon Bill conducted a short demonstration by pouring water onto the edge of a glass and making it “sing” by moving his fingers around the rim. He said, “Sometimes God calls us with a gentle song like the water in the bowl.” He concluded by reminding us that life is full of choices, and we decide whether we share the riches we have or walk away from Jesus like the young man did in the gospel.

After Mass, Dolores Finlan and Charlotte Snow presented Father Bogie with a bouquet of flowers and offered him God’s blessing in the many languages of the members of our parish. Father Bogie thanked everyone and prayed a special blessing for them.

In the afternoon, a reception was held in Father Bogie’s honor at the Christ the King School cafeteria. All CTR parishioners were invited to attend and several hundred enjoyed a delicious meal, cake. They spent the afternoon with Father Bogie sharing memories, taking pictures, and enjoying each other as a parish community.

50th Summer Festival

Spending time during the fourth week of July at our Summer Festival held at Sacred Heart Church site has become a tradition for many families and friends near and far. Fifty years ago a small group of dedicated Sacred Heart parishioners began it all and today it has grown into the best church festival in Somerset County. We have something for everyone! from games, rides, delicious traditional Polish and American food, to raffles and bands.

Please make plans to attend our exceptional Festival -we are celebrating 50 years!

It takes lots of work and volunteers to make our festival continue to be a huge success. It provides a great opportunity for new parishioners to meet new people, get involved and become a more active part of our church community. We are always in need of new ideas and people to make them happen. All of our festival proceeds go to helping with general operations and capital improvements of the parish.


Tuesday-Friday, July 24-26: 6pm – 10pm
Saturday, July 27: 5pm – 10pm


98 South 2nd Ave., Manville, NJ 08835 Phone: (908) 725-0072

A great way to enjoy this event is to volunteer! It takes over 125 volunteers and it is great fun

CONNECT NOW on-line giving

We are excited to inform you that we now offer ConnectNow Giving! As a church that seeks to serve, we wanted to provide you the convenience of being able to give the way you want, whenever you want. ConnectNow Giving offers you the opportunity to make secure, automatic contributions from your bank/credit/debit card account to our church. Online Giving costs you nothing and provides many advantages to you and the church.

Benefits for You

  • No check writing or ATM stops before church
  • Safe, secure, and confidential transactions
  • Use your checking/savings account or credit/debit card
  • Schedule recurring or one-time donations
  • Change a gift or account anytime you like
  • Choose offertory, special funds, pledges
  • View your giving history anytime

Benefits for the Church

  • Provides sustained giving that helps parish budgeting and ministry planning
  • Reduces check processing fees
  • Allows staff more time to focus on ministries
  • Accommodates special funds
  • Provides giving history for tax statements
  • Reaches a wider demographic of givers

We ask that you consider using this service—especially if you currently manage your bills or banking online.

Donate Online

Christ the Redeemer Parish App

Christ the Redeemer Parish is proud to present our new parish App. We believe it will serve to deepen your faith and at the same time have all the parish information at your fingertips.

Here is why you will want to have the CTR Parish App.

  • It provides you with easy to obtain and up-to-the-minute parish information.
  • The PDF version of the bulletin is published before the paper version of it is available.
  • A palette of much-loved prayers and devotions.
  • Daily biblical readings to follow and pray over.
  • Newsfeeds from trustworthy Catholic sources.
  • Easy access to on-line giving.
  • The ability to receive any notifications from the parish office or any chosen (by you) group or ministry. All you have to do is launch the parish App, and then in the upper left corner, touch the menu button and then touch notifications. You will see all the groups that you can subscribe to and will receive all the notices on your phone sent from the group or groups you have chosen. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Our parish calendar with detailed information about Masses and any scheduled activities.

To download the CTR Parish Mobile App:

• iPhone users: Text CTRP1 to 555888 OR search for “Christ the Redeemer Parish” in the iPhone App Store.

• Android users: Text CTRP2 to 555888 OR search for “Christ the Redeemer Parish” in the Google Play Store.
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