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Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Our yearlong celebration of 100 years of Roman Catholic Parish Life in Manville is about to end. I am grateful for your kind support during the past year. On this occasion various religious and cultural events took place throughout the year. In recent weeks, a "Country Western Dinner", Fall Dance, and concert of the Saint Peter by the Sea symphony orchestra took place, English Advent Retreat (December 1-4, 2019) led by Father Mark Owen, C.Ss.R. from the Baltimore Province, and Polish Advent Retreats (December 15-18, 2019) led by Father Piotr Chyła C.Ss.R. Both retreats strengthened our faith and prepared for a deeper Christmas experience but also introduced us to the new year and the new century of parish life in Manville.

During these last days of the celebration we witnessed the consecration of the Diocese of Metuchen to our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12, 2020) by Bishop Checchio. In our parish we consecrated ourselves on December 15, 2019 praying that the light of faith in our hearts will burn brightly. We are asking for the graces to achieve this new Evangelization under the patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Also, like the previous year on December 14th at noon we gathered at Sacred Heart Cemetery to participate in Wreaths Across America. Through the wreath-laying ceremony we want to "Remember" the Fallen, to "Honor" those that serve & their families, and to "Teach" our young as well as our communities the Value & Price of Freedom.

Join me for the Christmas celebrations and closing of our Jubilee year on December 31st at 5:00PM Mass at Sacred Heart Church, chaired by Bishop Paul Bootkowski, senior bishop of the Diocese of Metuchen in which our parish is located. Let's pray together and give thanks for many blessings bestowed upon the people of Manville in the past century. May another 100 years be a story of great spiritual renewal that was brought to the people of Manville and surrounding neighborhoods through Christ the Redeemer Parish.

May our Lord Jesus Christ, born in Bethlehem, bless you, your families and loved ones at this blessed time of hope and grace. See you at your homes during Home Blessing/Koleda starting December 26, 2019 to January 10, 2020. May our personal encounter and prayer lead us to mutual respect and understanding God's will. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year of 2020!

Fr. Stan
Parish Clergy and Staff

Monday (Dec.16) – Friday (Dec.20)
6:30 AM – 7:00 AM at CTK
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM at SH


Christmas Eve, Tuesday (Dec. 24)
4:00 PM - Vigil Mass in English at SH
(Children and Parents)
10:00 PM - Midnight Mass in English at CtK
12:00 AM - Midnight Mass in Polish at SH

Christmas Day, Wednsday (Dec. 25)
7:00 AM - Mass in Polish at SH
8:30 AM - Mass in English at CtK
10:00 AM - Mass in English at SH
11:30 AM - Mass in Polish at SH

Holy Family, Sunday (Dec. 29)
7:00 AM - Mass in Polish at SH
8:30 AM - Mass in English at CtK
10:00 AM - Mass in English at SH
11:30 AM - Mass in Polish at SH

New Year's Eve, Tuesday (Dec. 31)
5:00 PM - Closing of the 100th Anniversary Mass at SH

New Year's Day, Wednesday (Jan. 1)
7:00 AM - Mass in Polish at SH
8:30 AM - Mass in English at CtK
10:00 AM - Mass in English at SH
11:30 AM - Mass in Polish at SH


This year's Advent Retreat was officiated by Father Mark Owen, C.Ss.R. from the Baltimore Province. His theme was "Prepare the Way of the Lord." In accordance with that theme, Father Owen focused on three people of the Bible: Isaiah, John the Baptist, and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

On the first night of the retreat, Father Owen's discussion centered on Isaiah, a Prophet in the Old Testament. Isaiah was the cousin of kings. He was married and had many children and lived a long life through five kings. He described Isaiah's legacy as through the written word. He foretold the coming of Jesus.

In contrast, on the second night, Father Owen showed the sharp difference between Isaiah and John the Baptist. This saint came from an ordinary home and lived most of his life in the desert existing on locust and honey. His dress was simple. He remained single, was arrested, sent to prison, and ordered beheaded by King Herod, ending his short life.

John the Baptist's prophetic words focused on repentance and preparation for the coming of the Kingdom. He encouraged people to share their wealth, stand for justice and what is right. He spoke of the coming of Jesus and condemned the king for his cruelty. John preached a kingdom of love, treating others fairly, and was willing to put the message about Jesus above his own safety.

Father Owen's message to those in attendance was to become more like John the Baptist by being less self-centered, choosing a simple life-style, and wash away selfishness and sin. In this way, we can save the environment and our planet.

On the third night, Father Owen stressed our devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. He indicated we can learn from her to be courageous, say "yes" to God, live in solidarity with the weak, seek ways to share what we have with others, be peaceful and serene when dealing with pain and suffering, and be filled with the Holy Spirit and joy.
Advent Retreat in Polish, preached by Frather Piotr Chyla C.Ss.R., will started December 15.
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Oczekiwanie podnosi serce. Pragnienie chce być zaspokojone. I choć nie wszystkie pragnienia mogą być zaspokojone to działając konsekwentnie i z rozmysłem te najpiękniejsze i najczystsze można spełnić przez pokonywanie zatwardziałości serca w oczekiwaniu na przyjście Mesjasza.
Zachęcam do wzięcia udziału w rekolekcjach adwentowych prowadzonych przez O. Piotra Chyłę C.SS.R. Myslą przewodnią tegorocznych rekolekcji są słowa: "Oczekujemy Twego przyjście, Panie".


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In celebration of our 100 years of Catholic faith, hundreds of parishioners, friends, and family members attend a remarkable performance by the Saint Peter by the Sea Orchestra. A newly renovated auditorium at Manville High School was the setting for this entertaining afternoon on November 24, 2019.

After the orchestra opened with a touching performance of the "Star-Spangled Banner", those lucky to be in attendance witnessed a magnificent rendering of "Ava Maria" by opera singer Victoria Cannzzo. Throughout the afternoon, Father Alphonse Stephenson, the conductor, selected a wide variety of scores that included songs from operas, Broadway shows, and modern tunes.

A special highlight of the event was a violin performance from Huyan Nguyen, a 14 year-old young man from Piscataway, NJ. He is applying to the Juilliard Prep School so he can continue his training as a violinist. Huyan received a standing ovation for his incredible talent and professional presence on the stage. The Saint Peter by the Sea Orchestra financially provides scholarships for gifted students, and Mr. Nguyen will be the beneficiary of their support.

The concert ended with a moving performance of "Our Father" by baritone opera singer Genson Salmon. What a remarkable way to continue celebrating our 100 years anniversary!

A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Dolores Finlan, who organized the event and spent many hours completing all the necessary work required of such an undertaking!!


This year the Holy Name Society (led by John Tardy) and the Caritas Team (led by Lisa Cimpko) worked together to support the annual "Giving Tree" program. During Thanksgiving week, a Christmas Tree was set up in the back of both CTR worship sites with cards suggesting what types of gifts would help families in the area. We are happy to report that response to this year's event was exceptional and many families will be enjoying toys, clothing, and gift cards to help them celebrate Christmas.

Thanks to all who participated in the program.
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On December 12, 2018, the Diocese of Metuchen introduced a "Year of Awakening" for all Catholics in our diocese. This became a yearlong preparation for the consecration of the Diocese of Metuchen to Jesus through Our Lady of Guadalupe. On December 12, 2019, the consecration will take place at the Diocese. This date marks the traditional Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is the Patroness and the Star of the New Evangelization.

During the year, our parish has provided a "traveling kit" that includes an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and materials for families to use to help them light a fire in their hearts to live the Gospel message.

On December 15, 2019, Christ the Redeemer Parish will be celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and consecration of Jesus at the 10AM Mass. All are welcome to attend.

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The Christmas season is a time of deepening ties with God, with his family, as well as with the parish. That's why immediately after the holidays on December 26, like every year we begin in our parish Home blessing/Koleda. The home blessing is an official pastoral visit, therefore the acceptance of a priest in our homes is an expression of our faith and attachment to the Church and pastors.

What is a Home Blessing/Koleda and how to understand it? First of all, it includes a joint thanksgiving for the graces received, asking for a blessing in the new year. This meeting is a confession of the faith of the family, which should bring together all the members of the house. The priest comes to bless the family for the new year and pray with them.

How to prepare for Home Blessing/Koleda? As for the reception of an important guest, because not only the priest comes, but also Jesus Christ with his blessing. For this meeting please prepare a table with a cross and candles on a white tablecloth with holy water. This year, we also ask you to set the image (picture) of Our Lady of Guadalupe. During prayer, we will entrust our families to God's Mercy through our Blessed Virgin Mary.

Traditionally we write with chalk on the door of blessed houses "C+M+B" and the year. These three letters do not stand for the names of the three kings but are short for the Latin: "Christus Mansion Benedicat" that is: "Christ blesses this mansion/house".

During the Home Blessing/Koleda, the most important thing is mutual respect and cordiality. The Home blessing/Koleda is a great opportunity to get to know each other better, to break anonymity, to exchange your comments or insights about parish life or the life of a particular family. It is an opportunity to talk about doubts, troubles, worries, but also joy. and to answer many questions about faith and religious life. Such a visit is an opportunity to encourage greater zeal for spiritual, sacramental, personal, family and social life, to become more involved in the life of the parish, to regulate the family situation. That why Home Blessing/Koleda is so important an event for the whole family.

Do not underestimate this pastoral visit and if possible, let all household members be present during the Christmas Home Blessing /Koleda. May this meeting strengthen the bound of unity between parishioners and priests as we journey together in love and holiness of life to the "House of the Father".


First Prize Winner: Jean Batula $2170.00 Second Prize Winner: Peter Demchak $1627.50 Third Prize Winner: Joanna Kania $1085.00

22 Runner Up Winners - $271.25 Lenny Lazas (2), Patricia & Lorenzo Bonanni, Nicholas DePiano, Linda Moran, Diane Wanko, Janina Toporowski, Don Rogusky, Beverly Ricci, Mark & Gina Levash (2), Linda Crowell, Agata Wojtach, Jennifer Makowski, Donna Puma, Kim Petzinger, Chuck Diehl, Greg & Lois Zwerko, Randy Bartushak, Mary & Barbara Marsicano, Marek Bunkowski, JoAnn Morella


  2018-2019 FINANCIALS, 2020 FORECAST

Revenues: The fiscal Year 2019 Total Revenue compared to 2018 shows a bottom-line decrease of a little over $8,300; our Weekend/Holy Day/Holiday Collections have decreased $40,000; our Fund Raising-net is down more than $16,000 -- these decreases were somewhat offset by a generous bequest and a large donation. Thankfully, our investment account has more than kept pace with current trends. It was necessary to make a withdrawal from the investment account to close the deficit between the actual costs associated with Assessments and Property & Liabilities vs. the contributions received from these monthly collections. The 2020 revenue forecast of $1,065,000 is a realistic approach considering expected revenues and the uncertainty of future bequests/donations.

Expenses: Overall our 2019 expenses decreased roughly $34,000 from 2018. This decrease is attributed to the reduction in Contracted Services, Repairs/Maintenance/Renovations and Other General & Administrative lines. As expected, Utilities, Insurance and Diocesan Assessments/Collections expenses increased over 2018. Although the CTK School Building expenses were more than $13,000 less in 2019 combined with the reduction in staff were not enough to offset the reduction in revenue and the increase in Utilities, Diocesan Assessments, etc. Thus, the 2020 forecasted expenses of $1,225,000 reflect the expected increases in Utilities, Insurance, Assessments, etc.

Net Income/(Deficit): Although the 2019 Total Expenses for 2019 are $34,000 less than 2018, regrettably we have a deficit of $(93,550) for 2019. Unfortunately, in view of the trends in both revenues and expenses outlined above, our 2020 financial forecast shows the parish operating at a $(160,000) deficit.

Summary: As you can see the outlook for 2020 shows us still operating in the RED! Your support of parish fund-raising events is critical! especially our annual 50/50 and Mega-Raffle. Without the proceeds from all our fund-raising events, our 2020 forecasted deficit would be about $(220,000). Two monthly collections (Weekly Offering/Building & Maintenance (Properties & Liabilities) and Weekly Offering/Diocesan Assessment envelopes) are used to offset our two largest bills which are the major contributors to the deficit. To eliminate further reduction to our Investment Income, we need a monthly sum of $10,000 for Properties & Liabilities and $13,000 for Diocesan/Assessments. I am requesting, if your means allow, to prayerfully consider a significant sacrificial increase in each of these two monthly collections.

Please Note: The format of the financial report has been revised and the 2018 results have been restated to reflect the addition of revenues and expenses attributed to the CTK School Building.

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2020 Parish calendar -- PDF


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