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Dear Parishioners and Friends,

St. Paul reminds us that there are many gifts, but one Spirit, many parts, but one Body – each of us has a part to play in the Body of Christ that is the Church (1 Cor. 12). In that passage you will find references to the Pentecost, Holy Trinity, Corpus Christi celebrations that we celebrated in June this year.
On June 4th along with the first Sunday of the month, we celebrated Pentecost, on which the Church was born in the power of the Holy Spirit. We received the Holy Spirit to joyfully live out the gifts and roles that God has entrusted to each of us to build up the Church on earth! On that day, our Religious Education closing Mass took place and 54 students were awarded for their perfect attendance and outstanding participation.
By celebrating the solemnity of the Holy Trinity on Sunday June 11th we are reminded that there is only one God with three attributes. We have the Father who is the creator, the Son, the Redeemer and the Holy Spirit, the sanctifier. As we celebrate this mystery, may the Holy Trinity guide us in the ways of faith. This is also the First Anniversary of the First Holy Communion class of 2016 and the day of Parish Picnic at the Falcon's Nest in Hillsborough.
The Eucharist is the source and summit of the whole Christian life. The feast of Corpus Christi is a celebration of Christ's real presence in the Eucharist and the unity of Christ's Mystical Body, the Church. When on Corpus Christi Sunday, June 18th the Blessed Sacrament was carried through the streets of Manville in solemn procession, we gave public witness to our faith and devotion towards Jesus, hidden in the sacrament of the Eucharist and our unity as Christ the Redeemer Parish. That Sunday was also a day to honor our fathers and give praise to our Heavenly Father.
On Sunday of June 25th, we honor Our Lady of Perpetual Help with a solemn bilingual Novena, Mass and Procession around the block next to Sacred Heart Church. Written petitions and thanksgivings read during the novena prayer are signs of our faith that the Blessed Virgin Mary is always ready to help, we just have to ask, take a step and stop being spiritually shy.

As we enter the summer time please remember about the change of the Mass schedule on weekends. On Saturday July 1st we will begin our Summer Mass schedule as follows: Saturday at 5PM Vigil Mass in Sacred Heart Sunday, at 7AM & 11:30AM in Polish and 8:30AM in CTK and 10:00AM at SH in English.

Have a very Blessed Fourth of July! Let us remember that freedom is not free! Please pray for those who fought and died serving our country, and pray for those who are currently serving in our Armed Services. God Bless America!

Fr. Stan

Our beautiful witness during the Corpus Christi procession this past Sunday...from Sacred Heart Church to Christ the King Church.

Do you ever wonder how and when the feast of Corpus Christi began? This article will help to answer these questions and reveal the fascinating story of its origin. Currently, the feast of Corpus Christi is celebrated on Thursday or on Sunday after Trinity Sunday. Traditionally, there is a procession of the Blessed Sacrament after Mass, as we do at CTR Parish each year followed by Benediction and time for parishioners to pray silently.

Now, back to how this feast began. A woman named Juliana of Liege (Belgium) who was born in the 12th century, spent 40 years working to convince the Catholic officials to create this feast worldwide. Juliana, who is now a saint, was devoted to worshiping the Eucharist. She became an orphan at age five. She and her sister were brought up by Augustinian nuns at a convent in Mont-Cornillon. This is where she developed her love for venerating the Blessed Sacrament.
It was St. Juliana's wish to have a feast separate from the Lenten season to honor the Eucharist. In 1208, she reported seeing a vision of Christ and being instructed to request this feast. The vision was repeated for 20 years, but she never told anyone. Eventually, when she confessed this to her priest, he told the bishop. In 1246, Bishop Robert ordered the celebration of Corpus Christi in his diocese where it continued each year on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday.

A Dominican named Hugh of St. Cher established the feast for the entire area (Germany, Dacia, Bohemia, and Moravia) in 1252. A major breakthrough occurred when Jacques Pantaleon of Troyes was serving as Archdeacon in Liege. He supported the idea of the feast of Corpus Christi and when he became Pope Urban IV in 1264, he instituted the Solemnity of Corpus Christi for the entire Latin Church. Even so, it wasn't until 1317 during the time of Pope John XXII, that it truly became a universal feast.

On June 4, 2017, our newest CTR App, was officially launched with a "mobile friendly" Parish website. Parishioners and others with smart-phones can upload the free App in two ways. If you have an iPhone just text CTRP1 to 555888 or search "Christ the Redeemer Parish" in the iPhone App Store. For Android users, text CTRP2 to 555888 or search "Christ the Redeemer Parish" in the Google Play Store.
As soon as you upload the App, you can access the parish webpage; receive instant notifications about parish events and ministries, review the parish bulletin, parish calendar, the bimonthly newsletter, read real-time news from trusted Catholic sources, find popular prayers, and follow the daily readings. If you want to have the latest news and information about our parish and community, our parish App is a must!


Every time you attend Mass, you have the opportunity, if you are in the state of grace (free from mortal sin), to receive the body and blood of Christ in the form of a host and wine. Did you know that there have actually been occurrences throughout history and the world, where transubstantiation (the actual change) was witnessed?

These reported Eucharistic miracles usually consist of unexplainable phenomenon such as consecrated hosts visibly transforming into myocardium tissue, being preserved for extremely long stretches of time, surviving being thrown into fire, bleeding, or even sustaining people for decades. A few years ago, Deacon Tom Giacobbe and a group of pilgrims from our parish traveled to Italy and visited the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano which is reported to be the first and greatest Eucharistic Miracle occurring in the 8th century A.D. During Mass and after the consecration, the host changed into live flesh and the wine into human blood coagulating into five globules. Scientists analyzed samples of each and concluded they were of human origin. If you visit there today, you can see the flesh enclosed in a silver Ostensorium and the blood in a cup made of rock crystal.

More recently, a Eucharistic Miracle was confirmed in Legnica, Poland that occurred on December 25, 2013 at St. Jacek Parish. During the distribution of communion, a host fell to the floor. It was picked up and placed in water as is the usual procedure. After a brief time, it began to appear red in color. A piece of the host was removed and a commission, appointed by Bishop Bp. Stefan Cichy, conducted tests using a group of official authorities. It was determined that the tissue resembled human heart muscle tissue. The Relic is now on display for the faithful to pray before and honor.

Remember these two examples of Eucharistic Miracles when you attend Mass and receive the body and blood of Christ knowing that the host and wine have truly been transformed as they was during the Last Supper.

What a joy and blessing it was to have the opportunity of attending Mass and being part of the Corpus Christi procession! I want to say thank you to all who worked so hard in organizing such an inspiring event.

From the moment I arrived at the Sacred Heart church, I felt a deep presence of God. Stemming from the entrance procession of priests and deacons and their radiant vestments, children dressed in white with communion or red confirmation outfits and others with their colorful cultural native attire, the Knights of Columbus, the choir and to all church decorations, this to me was a true procession of Saints.

The stations along Main Street were beautiful. When the procession started it was cloudy and overcast. It seemed that each time the priest began to read the word of God, a light from heaven peeked through the clouds only for a moment as if God was saying: " I AM here with all of you."

It was an amazing experience as bells rang, the choir of angels sang songs of praise and the children opened the way for our magnificent Lord by tossing flower petals. To me it felt as though I was marching into Heaven.

As we got closer to the last station the skies became cloudier and at the very moment we began to enter the church the sky opened and drops of rain fell upon us. In Puerto Rico, my mom always said that when it rained during processions it meant that God was sending blessings upon us. So now I smile and imagine how it will be, all dressed in white the moment we enter into Heaven.

The altar in the church was beautifully decorated to receive our Lord Jesus. The sounds of bells along with adoration hymns made the final entry very special. Just as I recall, right now, my experience this past Sunday, I feel full of joy. Great job! Thank you for taking time to revive this wonderful tradition and bringing a little piece of heaven here on earth.

I was truly blessed by this event. It inspired me to adore our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament even more than before. I hope others were as blessed as I was.

Praise be to God now and forever!
God bless you,


During our third annual Ministry Day of Retreat held on Saturday, June 17, 2017, we were fortunate to have Msgr. William Benwell as a guest speaker. He summarized the contents of Bishop James Checchio's Pastoral Letter written on the anniversary of his first year as bishop and on the 35th anniversary of the formation of the Diocese of Metuchen.

The theme of the letter was "Lighting a Fire in the Heart of our World". Msgr. Benwell emphasized the letter was a call to evangelization (which means "good news") by all. We need to recognize that "our world is a wounded place" and that we are broken. In order to heal we need to be less judgmental and not be our own doctor. We must accept God as our savior. As Msgr. Benwell stated, the new evangelization focused on five specific areas: Marriage and family life, Catholic education and catechesis, dignity of the human person, liturgy, and vocations.

Marriage and family life stressed learning to live with others, supporting and strengthening marriage, the preparation of marriage, youth ministry and education programs, and welcoming divorced members back into our parishes. We need to share our passion and faith with others especially through our actions.

Catholic education and catechesis focuses on academic excellence, superior teaching, and advanced technology to build the next generation of evangelizers.

Dignity of the human person emphasizes protecting the unborn and providing help for mothers in difficult situations. In addition, we need to stand up for the elderly and disabled, reduce the assisted suicides and euthanasia, work for justice for immigrants and refugees, help the poverty stricken, and provide support for those who suffer from addictions.

Liturgy concerns include increasing active involvement in Mass and increase the love and knowledge of the liturgy understanding how beautiful and inspiring it is. One way to do this is through the use of such technologies as a liturgical app or podcast. Group faith discussions are an additional method of achieving this goal.

Vocations are needed in the priesthood and religious. We need to encourage and foster an environment of sensitivity of God in our lives. We must ask ourselves, "What does God want of me?" Praying for vocations and encouraging participation in lay ministries are other means of increasing vocations.

Evangelization is not just about a plan formulated by institutions. Instead it begins with a "transformed heart". Ordinary Catholics who interact with family, friends, coworkers, and society with our hearts centered on Jesus. There are three ways to transform your heart: Put Jesus first, live our faith not just say it by not being afraid to be a disciple of Jesus, and work to ensure our civil laws, economy, and culture. Msgr. Benwell suggested we formulate a motto to live by. His is taken from the Bible when St. John the Baptist said about Jesus that "He must increase and I must decrease". What kind of motto might you adopt?

Msgr. Benwell ended his presentation with these quotes from Pope Francis: "Now is the time for Holy Boldness!" and "We are never too old or too young to witness the good news of Christ."

Another women's retreat was organized by the Christ the Redeemer in Manville, NJ. On May 19-21, a group of 19 women went with Fr. Marcin Zubik to Endicott, NY to live the retreat there. This time, five of them, who participated in the same retreat a year ago, preached catechesis and shared the experience of God in their lives. Here is a testimony from one of the participants:

On Friday morning May 19th, my raw, desperately needing to be remodeled house seemed like a place I wanted to run away from. I wanted my kids to be quiet and I was happy when I did not have to see my husband at all.

That very morning I was picked up by my sister in law to participate in a three-day retreat for women, organized by her Parish "Christ the Redeemer" in Manville, NJ. She was the one who convinced me to go. I figured this would be a great opportunity to get away from it all. But also, somewhere deep in my heart I felt this was more than just an "opportunity" … it felt more like a calling.

Took us a little over two hours to get there but when we arrived, I fell in love with the place instantly. It was so peaceful and tranquil. One of those rare places where you can still see mostly undisturbed natural beauty. Later that day we got to stroll around the picturesque woods and fields, enjoying the stunning landscape from one of the benches set on the hills and near the edge of the pond.

While I can't really share the details of the program and what we did, I can't resist the impulse to pass along some of the feelings I felt... READ MORE >>

Please give some serious thought to giving us some help! We especially appeal to our younger adults to give us some help in the stands, with selling tickets or working in the kitchen! If you are interested in chairing a stand, please call Maribeth at the parish office. We also need a lot of behind the scenes help. So won't you please take an active role in this year's festival and volunteer? We are in need of donations of paper towels and dish towels. Donations can be brought to the parish office.

On-line registration for Summer Festival Volunteers is now available on our website REGISTER HERE >>


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