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Christ is Risen! Truly, He is Risen!

Dear Friends,

The light of the bright day of the Resurrection is slowly fading for most people. That's why it is more important than ever to proclaim the Good News, the Gospel, of the Resurrection of our Lord.

With this Newsletter we want to reach out to you with the massage of love that is burning strong and lively in our parish. Indeed, we are called to proclaim and to spread the Good News with the same courage and tenacity of the Apostles. We believe that Christ not only rose from the dead, but also that He ascended in glory, into the heavens, filled the Disciples with joy, and sent the Holy Spirit to strengthen their faith.

I do believe that our newsletter will help you to see Christ the Redeemer parish as a place where your personal faith can develop and be supported by so many good people who make a difference in this world. Fan the flame of your love and faith that the light of Jesus' Resurrection will shine brightly through your words and actions. Let the Holly Spirt guide you and you will not be disappointed!

Fr. Stan

REGISTRATION for Religious Education Program of the Catholic Community of Christ the Redeemer Parish for the school year of 2019/20 Roar...Summer Camp! Mark your calendars and save the dates: July 8-13. Click here for REGISTRATION FORM
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As part of CTR's CCD program, Director Mrs. Charlotte Snow, organized and assisted with both the students' First Holy Communion and Confirmation preparation. Mrs. Rosemarie Charneski provided instruction to the second grade class to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Mr. John Snow and Mr. Joseph Morella served as teachers for the eighth grade guiding the students towards the Sacrament of Confirmation.

As part of the preparation for First Holy Communion, the 18 candidates participated in the Sacrament of Reconciliation at Christ the King Church on March 30, 2019. Children made an Examination of Conscience and individual confessions were held. Afterwards, each child, with his/her parents approached the foot of the altar and received a white ribbon. They prayed a prayer that was said at Baptism. This served as a reminder to live a life of dignity. Next, they proceeded to the Paschal Candle and lit a candle praying another prayer from Baptism. This one was a reminder of the call to be the Light of Christ to others.

First Holy Communion was held on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at the 11AM Mass at Sacred Heart Church. Father Stan was the principal celebrant and homilist as 18 children received Jesus for the first time in their lives. After communion, the children sang a hymn and presented flowers to the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. They also donated the gift of a Cope to CTR Parish.

Confirmation was held on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at St. Joseph's Parish in Raritan, NJ. Nineteen students from CTR Parish and nine youths from St. Joseph's Parish were Confirmed by Right Reverend Richard Cronin, OSB.

The parish is especially thankful to Mrs. Snow, the CCD teachers, staff, students, families, and all who helped to make these celebrations memorable. May our parish youth continue to be active members and model our Christian beliefs in all they do.


RCIA is the Right of Christian Initiation of Adults. That is quite a mouthful. People who sign up for the program are adults and older children who have never been baptized and wish to join the Catholic Church. They have a special name – they are called Catechumens. We also have older children and adults who have been baptized but never received the Holy Eucharist or Confirmation. These folks are called Candidates. The RCIA programs takes two years and is completed at the Easter Vigil when the Catechumens are Baptized, and with the Candidates, they receive Holy Eucharist and Confirmation. Deacon William Stefany is the organizer and leader of the program.

Why do people sign up for RCIA? Some people join because they know they are missing something in their lives, and we have the best way to fill that void. Some people join to complete the Sacraments of Initiation in preparation for Marriage. Sometimes parents of young adults realize their children should complete these Sacraments of Initiation and they encourage them to join. Overall, people soon know they are in a program that will lead them to a closer relationship with God and His Church.

How do people feel about being in the program? I believe that overall the Candidates and Catechumens enjoy their time in the program. There is time for prayer and time for study, but the pace is reasonable, and the students and teachers work together to make sure no one is left behind. There are friendships that form between the Catechumens and Candidates as well as the students and the instructors. The instructors are a close group as well.

One of the main reasons people come to the program is to have a stronger relationship and friendship between themselves and Jesus. One of our jobs is to help them do just that.

The parish community greatly appreciates all the time and effort Deacon Bill and the instructors devote to making the program the success it is!


This year has been an exciting one for members of CTR Parish as we celebrate 100 years of Catholicism in Manville. We have already enthusiastically participated in many events and ceremonies through the efforts of our priests, deacons, ministries, and parishioners.

One very special outcome of this anniversary was (and still is) the development and production of a movie chronicling the 100 year history of Catholicism in Manville. Father Stan, who has been in the forefront of the planning and idea gathering, contacted various members of our parish family to create this historical film. He asked Mr. Caz Bielen, Deacons William Stefany and Thomas Giacobbe, Dr. Mary Lou Cebula, and Mrs. Celeste Onka, to join him in this endeavor. How could they refuse?!

Each member served a crucial role. Mr. Bielen's expertise is in the area of videography. He not only videoed many people in the movie, but searched through and added the many pictures, music, and background in the film. Deacon Tom was the researcher who analyzed the parish archives and other documents to write the historical text that accompanies the movie. Mrs. Onka provided historical data especially from her family background and ancestors who owned the property where the current Sacred Heart Church is located. Deacon Bill and Dr. Cebula helped edit the written text and provide some historical perspective. Some in the group also participated in the voice recordings for the film. Father Stan had the final word and added his knowledge of the formulation and advancement of Catholicism in our town.

To prepare this article, the committee members were interviewed and shared their feelings about the process and final product (It must be added that the movie continues to be enhanced so there may be more to come in the future). Some of their thoughts are printed below.

Deacon Tom:
To write the text for this film, I first had to read and assimilate all the history of Roman Catholicism in Manville – Sacred Heart Parish; Christ the King Parish; and now unified as Christ the Redeemer Parish. I came away from this learning process with great love and admiration for the Manville Catholics.

In very general terms, I see the 100 year history breaking into two segments, the first 50 years and the last 50 years, and the virtues required for Manville Catholics in each period was very different. The first 50 years required the virtues of enthusiasm and a growth mindset. But as JM's business began declining in the late 1960's and early 1970's so did Roman Catholicism in Manville, as job opportunities for the next generation became scarce. This latter period has required the virtues of great perseverance and a willingness to follow the Lord's lead under even dark circumstances. My task as a writer was to find a way to unify these two periods in a meaningful way.

My daughter directed me to a TED Talk titled "Grit" by Angela Duckworth, a psychology professor at U. Penn, and a book that Duckworth wrote with the same title. Duckworth's research was looking at what successful people had in common. Surprisingly, the common elements were not good grades; money; or advanced degrees. Duckworth found that all successful people had the virtues of passion and perseverance, which she defined as Grit. Instantly I knew that would be the defining term that I could use to unify the two big segments of Manville Catholicism.

I would like to particularly acknowledge the help of 3 people – Mary Lou Cebula; Caz Bielen; and Celeste Onka. During an early-stage draft the committee wanted to eliminate Duckworth's unifying concept of Grit. Mary Lou Cebula came to my rescue and insisted that we retain Grit as a descriptor of Manville Catholics for which I am grateful. Caz Bielen because of his history of creating films had suggestions for adding emphasis and color to various segments that made the text come more alive. Prior to writing this text, I did not know Celeste Onka well. During the writing process I came to befriend Celeste, a remarkably bright and hardworking woman, whose ancestry goes back to our early history. Celeste also suggested beginning the film with a connection to early American history for which I am grateful.

I am in my 11th year serving as a deacon for Manville Catholics, and these years have been some of the happiest years of my life. A great deal of credit for my happiness goes to Fr. Stan who has been remarkably supportive and has entrusted me with considerable autonomy. I look forward to continue ministering to Manville Catholics who have incarnated for me in bold letters GRIT.

Celeste Onka:
I reviewed documents and make suggestions concerning what should be included or deleted. I am in charge of the CTR archives so I have a historical perspective that aided me in assisting with the film.

I was able to learn more about the history of the parish. I was honored to be part of a very excellent group who were fun to work with- a nice mix of people. I feel a connection with the parish especially since my family originally owned a bakery where SHC currently exists.

I totally enjoyed watching the movie at the 100th Anniversary reception and was delighted at the reaction of everyone at the dinner. All the hard work was worth it.

Deacon Bill:
As part of the Liturgical Committee, Father Stan asked for my input. I was in awe to be selected. I don't have any knowledge about how to create a movie so it called me to go to places I might never go. My job was to suggest and assist in selecting readers to do the background voices and fine tune the narration of the film.

The history of Manville gave me a really good insight about our community. It was so interesting to learn about what people did over the years. Working with parishioners on these types of projects helped me to get to know them in ways I wouldn't normally.

Caz Bielen:
Father Stan approached me to make a movie that would be about 30 minutes tracking the origins, images, interests, and stories of our Catholic faith. Deacon Tom spent two months drafting the manuscript and the committee finalized it in March. Our goal was to take input from parishioners and the community and place the final movie on the parish website and UTube. In this way, it could be seen by people from all over the world and thus preserve our history for generations.

It was a privilege for me to be a part of a document that captures the history. It was heartwarming to present the film to the community. I could see that they learned things they didn't know.

We are still looking for input from people. It is your last chance to be a part of our history and share your story. If you would like to share your stories, please contact the parish office as soon as possible.

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A milestone event and celebration occurred on March 10, 2019. Those in attendance will long remember this event to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Roman Catholicism in Manville. Many hours of preparation were required in the planning. Our priests, office staff, deacons, ministers, and parishioner volunteers work tirelessly so that the over 300 people in attendance would understand and appreciate how Catholicism in our town began and continues to thrive.

The celebration began with an 11:00 Mass officiated by Bishop James F. Checchio, Father Stan, Father Wojciech, several other priests, and Deacons Bill and Tom. Altar servers, Knights of Columbus, Lectors, the Choir, and Ushers were just some of the ministries involved. Sacred Heart Church was packed with parishioners of all ages. No one wanted to miss this "once in a lifetime event".

After Mass, the more than 300 attendees proceeded to the reception at Christ the King School where the cafeteria was beautifully decorated by our very own parishioners. Flowers adorned the tables and a large buffet awaited the guests. A table was set up for the many invited clergy and a banner displaying our anniversary design was displayed in the center of the venue.

As an extra added bonus, the guests were the first to view a historical video that recaps the origins of Roman Catholicism in Manville and includes the major events leading up to present day. A committee comprised of Father Stan, Deacons Bill and Tom, and parishioners Caz Bielen, Celeste Onka, and Mary Lou Cebula worked on the project for several months. The text was researched and written by Deacon Tom utilizing the archives maintained in our parish. Caz Bielen designed and produced the video, interviewed parishioners and used others for the audio portions. He also inserted pictures depicting many of the historical events, music, and remarkable visual displays.

This remarkable celebration could not have taken place without the assistance and efforts of our priests and so many others. Thank you is not sufficient to express the gratitude to all who participated, but please know your dedication and devotion to our parish is greatly appreciated.

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The most holy time in the liturgical calendar is the Triduum. The prefix "tri" stands for the number three. In the case of the Holy Triduum, the reference is to Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil or Holy Saturday. Throughout these three days, parishioners in attendance were witnesses to the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ. Services in our parish were held at both worship sites: Sacred Heart and Christ the King. Holy Thursday and the Easter Vigil were bilingual liturgies with sections in both English and Polish. Members of the congregation participated using specially prepared programs so all could understand in their native language.

On Holy Thursday, (Sacred Heart Church) the central focus is the replication of the Last Supper at Passover. Jesus washed the feet of the 12 disciples and instituted the Eucharist. Father Stan washed the feet of 12 members of our parish to demonstrate Jesus teaching his disciples humility and how to care for one another. In sharing the bread and wine at the Passover feast, Jesus demonstrated not only the disciples' role in continuing the Eucharist, but also administrated Holy Orders on each disciple. At the end of the service, the priests transferred the Holy Eucharist to a side altar for exposition and veneration. All were invited to remain and pray in silence. Families were also given a loaf of bread to signify the bread Jesus gave to the disciples and which would become His body in the Eucharist.

The solemn proceedings on Good Friday (Christ the King Church) begin is silence with Father Stan lying prostrate and the attendees kneeling in silent prayer. This act represented the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. A large veiled crucifix was carried to the front of the church by Deacon Tom. In the program an ancient text was inserted: "See here, the true and most reverend Tree. Hasten to kiss it and cry out with faith: You are our help, most reverend Cross." After the cross was unveiled, the priests, deacons, lectors, and other ministers kissed the cross. All attendees were then invited to approach and do the same. The choir sang until all had come forward concluding with the members of the choir. The Gospel according to Saint John was read recounting the Passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The altar was then prepared for Holy Communion. After the congregation received the Eucharist, a procession comprised of the altar servers, deacons, and priests, moved to the tomb of our Lord carrying the monstrance with the Blessed Sacrament for adoration. Everyone was invited to stay and pray.

To quote the program book for the Easter Vigil, "We call this night 'the most desired of the year'. On this night, in sacramental mystery, God speaks once again the command, 'Let there be light!'" There is joy everywhere because the Father raised His Son, Jesus, from the dead.

The liturgical celebration began with a fire outside the entrance to Sacred Heart Church. After some opening remarks, the congregation rose from the church and proceeded outside to the fire where Father Stan explained the vigil, blessed the fire, and used it to light the Paschal Candle. Attendees had received a candle as they entered the church. All the candles were then lit from the Paschal Candle. Everyone reentered the church, which was in darkness, except for the light of the candles. Father Wojciech read the Easter Proclamation after which the candles were extinguished. Instead of only one or two readings prior to the Gospel, there were four readings from the Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Isaiah, and Ezekiel. The Epistle was then read from the Romans. For the English readings, the choir sang the responsorial psalm. After the Polish readings, several canters sang the responses.

The Gospel was taken from Luke 24:1-12 and read by Deacon Bill. After the homilies, the Litany of Saints was read.

Father Stan blessed the Baptismal water. All attending renewed their Baptismal promises and were sprinkled with Holy Water.

The highlight of the evening was the Christian Initiation of Elizabeth Rose and Alexa Theresa. Elizabeth Rose was Baptized, Confirmed and received First Communion. Alexa Theresa received Confirmation and First Communion. Their sponsors were at their sides as Father Stan officiated. The congregation welcomed them to the community with a round of applause.

The next segment of the proceedings was the liturgy of the Eucharist. Elizabeth Rose and Alexa Theresa were first to receive followed by those in attendance.

Hymns of joy were sung throughout the service by the choir and participants. Father Stan thanked all the members of our parish who worked throughout the week and before to clean and decorate the churches, participate in the many ministries, and those who attended the Holy Triduum. There was much applause and smiling faces as the congregation left for the evening.


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As we continue to celebrate and honor 100 years of Roman Catholic faith in Manville, this year's parish mission was especially eventful. Not only did we have both the English and Polish Missions held simultaneously, but parishioners participated in our annual Outdoor Stations of the Cross (Monday), celebrated Mission reconciliation service (Tuesday), Received Ashes on Ash Wednesday, renewed marriage promises (Thursday), obtained plenary indulgences and blessed mission crosses (Friday). The crosses were blessed and taken home, that spiritual fruits of the Parish Jubilee Missions will filled their families and be a reminder that in Christ the Redeemer we are one.

The missions were preached by Fr. Witold Radowski CSsR (Polish) and Fr.Richard Bennet CSsR (English). Father Witold Radowski CSsR and Fr Richard Bennett CSsR. who are both Redemptorists officiated each aspect of the parish mission, serving in daily Masses, meeting with the CCD students, listening to confessions, preaching at the evening services, and holding a closing Mass. Though the missions were preached in two languages the topics of each day were the same. Fr. Bennett and Fr. Radowski focused on how God is Love, the sin of man and the salvation in Jesus Christ, faith and conversion, call to eternal life, and Jesus Christ is my Lord. His homilies were inspiring and of great benefit to all who attended. What a motivating way to begin the Lenten season! We are very grateful to Father Bennett and all who participated.



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