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Dear Parishioners,

As I look to the year ahead, I'm excited about our 100th Anniversary of Roman Catholic Life in Manville, through which we will acknowledge the achievements of the former Sacred Heart and Christ the King parishes that laid the foundation for Christ the Redeemer Parish.

We began our year-long celebration with an Inaugural Mass at 10:00 AM in the Sacred Heart worship site, celebrated by the Vicar General of the Diocese of Metuchen, Rev. Timothy Christy, on January 1st. In his homily, Fr. Christy said that "What we experience in todays' world is not a sunset of the Church but it's sunrise". These words set the tone for all our jubilee celebrations. Among the very first was a Christmas concert, prepared by Maryanne Zarbetsky, on January 6th which was well received by our parishioners and friends, who could not only listen to the music but sing along with their favorite Christmas carols. Also, during home blessings/koleda the centennial events were enthusiastically discussed and prayed over (we especially prayed for the success of the Parish Missions). On Sunday, January 20th we met to pray and support Radio Maryja, run by the Polish Redemptorists, which broadcasts the Good News across Europe, Canada, the USA and Russia. Then on Sunday February 10th, World Marriage Day was celebrated by parishioners who participated in the "Holy Hands of Matrimony Rite". World Day of the Sick, traditionally held on February 11 along with the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, was celebrated with a significant number of people gathered to receive the anointing of the sick at the 11AM Mass from Fr. Sean Broderick (former pastor of Mary Mother of God parish, Hillsborough) who was main celebrant and preacher.

Please take a moment to review the Parish Mission Schedule that is linked to this page. The Mission will begin on Saturday March 2nd until Friday March 8, 2019. The Redemptorist missionaries: Rev. Richard Bennet CSsR and Rev. Witold Radowski CSsR will guide us in our journey. I ask you to look into your heart and see the needs of our faith community. I pray this endeavor will enhance your spiritual and family life. I am deeply grateful for all you have done in the past and hope that you will assist us as we strengthen our parish for future generations.

Join us on Sunday March 10 to celebrate 100 years of the Catholic presence in Manville with a special Liturgy at Sacred Heart Church at 11AM followed by a reception at Christ the King School. Please take note that there will be NO 10:00AM and 11:30AM at Sacred Heart Church.

Fr. Stan

Mass and Ashes:
Christ the King Church: 7:00 (EN);
Sacred Heart Church: 8:00 (PL), 11:00 (EN), 18:00 (EN); 19:30 (PL)
  On March 10th we will celebrate 100 years of the Catholic presence in Manville with a special Liturgy at 11AM followed by a reception at Christ the King School. Our Main celebrant and homilist will be Rev. James Checchio, Ordinary Bishop of the Diocese of Metuchen. Among the invited guests are former Pastors and Associate Pastors of Sacred Heart and Christ the King Parishes, Redemptorists, Community Leaders and Government Officials.
We Welcome all to the Annual Pierogi Supper Wednesday March 6th from 4-8 PM at the Sacred Heart Parish Auditorium. Made by the hands of our parishioners. Come Hungry!!

Tickets are $9 for adults, $4 for children Tickets will be sold at the door.

Please bring an item for our food pantry with you.
  You're Invited to an Exclusive Movie Sneak Preview of Roman Catholic Life in Manville -The Movie. March 10th, 2019 at the 100th Anniversary Dinner. See how we went from 1919 to 2019. The history, the struggles, the flowering of the Catholic Churches, and evolution into the parish we are today. Screenplay by Deacon Thomas Giacobbe, Directed and Edited by Caz. Bielen - Premiere Media and proud members Christ the Redeemer Parish of Manville, NJ


Many people today live well into their 90's. Imagine for a moment what they have learned, seen, and lived in almost a century. Looking backwards one hundred years, from 2019 to 1919 in Manville, they experienced large families, homes with gardens and farm animals. Televisions and phones would be invented along the way with early automobiles. Most people walked around town and to surrounding communities. US Presidents would come and go, some better than others. Unfortunately, wars would take men and women from the comfort of their homes to fight for freedom knowing that many would not return. Industries would spread across the country (including Johns Manville) creating jobs after many suffered through the depression and stock market crash. Those who are still with us today, have seen the impact of computers, the Internet, and cell phones. Life is rushing by faster than they can keep up and yet they do so without forgetting all that came before.

As we begin the celebration of 100 years of Roman Catholicism in Manville, let's take a quick look back with those who witnessed its inception.

Manville was a small community in the early 1900's and part of Hillsborough Township. In 1917, a small group of Polish families built a wooden chapel on Camplain Road. Father Vincent Razmus would ride a bicycle from Raritan to perform Mass. Shortly after, they moved to a fire house in town. Showing much determination and grit, land was purchased on Main Street and the Polish Roman Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was incorporated in 1919. The church was completed in 1921 and thus Roman Catholics in Manville had a place they could go to worship and spread their faith.

As the faithful grew, there came a need for an English-speaking church. In 1949, Christ the King Church was incorporated with Father Eugene Kelly as the pastor. Services were held in Fire House #3 on North 8th Avenue until the official church construction was completed in 1950 and blessed by Bishop Ahr. Eight hundred families were members.

Now, 100 years later, we have joined together as Christ the Redeemer Parish with a thriving 2,398 people in 1,247 households!!

Just as those who have lived almost 100 years remember so many of the events that have touched their lives, we the community of Roman Catholics and members of Christ the Redeemer Parish will join them throughout this year sharing in the historic events and commemorating how the grit and perseverance of our forefathers enabled Manville to grow and enrich our Roman Catholic faith.


Rev. Richard Bennett, C.Ss.R. is the pastor of St. Peter the Apostle Parish in Philadelphia, home of the National Shrine of St. John Neumann, the fourth Bishop of Philadelphia and the first American male to be canonized. Father Bennet, a Redemptorist, will preach in English during our week-long Parish Mission March 3-8. Conducting retreats and missions for many years, he preaches the Gospel of unconditional love – in Jesus Christ there is plentiful redemption for all – a message that can move hearts and change lives. I strongly urge you to participate in our Parish Mission and to invite others. With your involvement in this Parish Mission, instead of a temporary spiritual boost we can be the foundation of a renewed relationship with the Holy Redeemer for the next 100 years of Roman Catholic Parish Life in Manville.
Misje Święte poprowadzi O. Witold Radowski, Redemptorysta. Na kapłana został wyświęcony 22.05 1999 r. przez abpa Tadeusza Gocłowskiego w Tuchowie. Po święceniach został skierowany do pracy duszpasterskiej w Krakowie jako katecheta, a następnie pracował w duszpasterstwie powołań. W 2002 r. ukończył "Tirotinium Pastoralne" przygotowujące redemptorystów do pracy misyjnej i rekolekcyjnej. Ponadto był wychowawcą w nowicjacie w Lubaszowej, przełożonym w domach zakonnych w Elblągu, Warszawie, a obecnie w Tuchowie. Mimo licznych obowiązków nieustannie pracuje na polu rekolekcyjnym i misyjnym. Przeprowadził wiele rekolekcji i misji nie tylko w Polsce, ale również dla Polaków żyjących poza granicami Polski. more..

The Roman Catholic Church established the World Day of the Sick as a feast day in 1992 by Pope John Paul II. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 1991, and this may have been influenced his decision. When the Blessed Mother appeared to Bernadette at Lourdes, France, a healing body of water sprang from the dry earth. As a result, many pilgrims visit the site each year and have been healed. This feast is held each year on the commemoration of Our Lady of Lourdes on February 11th. It is a day especially set aside to pray for all those who are suffering from an illness. Prayers are also offered for people who work to reduce the pain and suffering of others. Many organizations use this day to provide medicine, food, and spiritual support. The official observance of World Marriage Day took place on February 10, 2019. This special event is sponsored by the American organization known as Worldwide Marriage Encounter and is associated with the Catholic Marriage Encounter movement. Each year, World Marriage Day is held on the second Sunday of February. It was instituted to honor each husband and wife as the foundation of the family and a basic unit of society. In addition, "it salutes the beauty of their faithfulness, sacrifice and joy in daily married life." What a wonderful a way to show how much you love and cherish your spouse? So mark your calendars and plan on Sunday, February 9, 2020 to spend the day with your family at Mass and lots of togetherness for the remainder of the day.
We are excited to inform you that we now offer ConnectNow Giving! As a church that seeks to serve, we wanted to provide you the convenience of being able to give the way you want, whenever you want. ConnectNow Giving offers you the opportunity to make secure, automatic contributions from your bank/credit/debit card account to our church. Online Giving costs you nothing and provides many advantages to you and the church. Read more >>


How often do you have an opportunity to spend some time with our priests? You may say hello to them after Mass or chat with them briefly if you stop by the office or attend one of the many ceremonies and special events held in our parish throughout the year. Have you, however, been able to have the type of conversation with them that helps you to know more about who they are and how they can help enrich your faith?

If your answer is no, then there is a perfect chance each year after Christmas to have some personal and private time with our priests when they visit your home for the annual home blessings in January. Father Stan and Father Wojciech devote at least two weeks in January for this purpose. In addition to saying prayers together, having holy water sprinkled in your home, and writing a blessing over the front door, you have the opportunity to spend some quality time with one of our priests.

Perhaps you have a personal problem or concern that you would like to share. Maybe you just would like to know a bit more about what our parish is doing to expand and improve. You might have a story to share about the history or our parish or your life in our community. What better time to have these conversations and others than when your home is being blessed?

Although the home blessings have been completed for this year, if you happened to have missed one of the priests when they stopped by, all you need to do is give the parish office staff a call, and an appointment can be set up for you. You will be glad you did!!

To commemorate our 100th Anniversary of a Roman Catholic Presence in Manville, a high-quality Crucifix is available as a remembrance of this centennial anniversary. 

Valued at more than $50, these crosses are offered to our parishioners for $30 and will be sold after all Masses.  The purchased crucifixes will be blessed at the closing Mission Mass (7:00 p.m., Friday, March 8 at SH). 

Please consider purchasing and placing this crucifix in a prominent place in your home or giving it to someone special as a gift.


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