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Dear Parishioners and Friends,

With September here and gone we are back on track with our pastoral work after – I hope - a very rejuvenating summer for all. Many great things took place and I would like to highlight some of them.

First, our Religious Education Program and RCIA started with Catechetical Sunday and the Commission of Religious Ed Teachers on September 17 with 160 enrolled students. This year in response to parent's pleas we have reorganized our Religious Ed Program from two evenings to one, with one session on Tuesdays 5:30-6:45PM. The new system benefits families with many children of various ages (all students can be dropped and picked up at the same time) along with teachers who no longer have to volunteer for two but only one evening a week.

Second, all parents who have children in our Religious Education program, as they wait for their children, can attend faith enrichment sessions. We will be presenting the DVD series called "Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained". It is important, that parents as the primary teachers of their children keep themselves refreshed in the knowledge of their Catholic Faith. There will be no need to sign up as I expect that all parents will want to take this time to enrich themselves so as to be the best of teachers for their children in the ways of faith. Any other parishioners who wish to attend these are welcome to do so too.

Third, the month of October traditionally has been designated by the Church as the Month of the Holy Rosary. In the various approved apparitions of our Lady, such as at Lourdes and Fatima, Our Lady has urged the praying of the Rosary especially the conversion of sinners and for peace. In Manville we have a long standing tradition of Rosary prayer that is strong and growing. That tradition started with the founding Sacred Heart Altar Rosary Society (ARS) in 1917 and was celebrated on Sunday, October 22. On that day Bishop James Checchio celebrated the 10:00 A.M. Mass that marked 100 years of our ARS. This is a wonderful milestone in the history of our parish for which we are thankful to our Lord. I pray that the ARS will cultivate its rich traditions following the footsteps of the Blessed Virgin Mary and enhancing our CTR Parish family. Photo gallery >>

In conclusion, since November is the month in which we especially pray for the faithful departed, I encourage all of you to offer special prayers, especially for your deceased loved ones. Remember that we all have the obligation to pray for our deceased relatives, so November is a good time to get started doing so, if we have not been praying for them.

With Prayer,
Fr. Stan

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As the summer fun, warm weather, and vacation plans come to a close and the leaves begin to fall from the trees, it is time to once again concentrate and focus on religious education for our Christ the Redeemer children. Much planning and preparation by Mrs. Charlotte Snow, CCD Director, occurs months before the actual first day of CCD in September.

One of these tasks involves recruiting knowledgeable, dedicated, and devoted staff members. Three of these loving and caring teachers are featured in this article. Although all of the staff are not included in this article, please know they are all appreciated for their efforts and hard work sharing the word of God with their young students.

Mrs. Sabrina Urban

Mrs. Urban is a long-time member of CTR Parish. She was baptized at Sacred Heart Church, received First Holy Communion, and Confirmation at Christ the King Church. She and her husband were also married there. Mrs. Urban has two sons and one grandson.
Since 1975, when Mrs. Urban was in high school, she began to assist with the CCD program in our parish. In those days, she considered becoming a nun and eventually taught third grade students. Over the last 22 years, she had taught first and fifth graders. In addition, Mrs. Urban has assisted Mrs. Snow with First Holy Communion and Jesus Day.
Why has Mrs. Urban volunteered each year to teach CCD? She has a very simple answer: "I love teaching children about God, the Blessed Mother, Jesus, and the Sacraments!"

Mrs. Rosemarie Charneski
Mrs. Charneski also has a long history of devotion to our parish. For many years she worked as a visiting nurse tending to the sick and infirm. With a family as well, this left her little time to offer her services to the parish. When her daughter, however, gave birth to twin girls, Mrs. Charneski decided to exchange her career for a new one: helping raise her new granddaughters. This change also provided her with the additional time to volunteer her talents in parish ministries.
Back in 2004, Mrs. Charneski taught her first class of fourth graders in the "Little Red School House" (Neumann Center). She loved it there and continued teaching God's word to fourth graders for six years. At one point, Mrs. Charneski was assigned both first and fourth grade students, but then taught only first graders.
In addition to serving as a CCD teacher, Mrs. Charneski also accepted a part-time role of school nurse when Christ the King School was open. This kept her very busy! When the school closed, she became a second grade CCD teacher and assisted with the secretarial needs of the program. Currently, Mrs. Charneski teaches second grade and performs the very important task of preparing our young children for First Holy Communion.

Mrs. Suzanne Runyon
For 24 years, Mrs. Runyon and her family have been members of CTR Parish. She is blessed with two children and five step-children. Of her eight grandchildren, two of them, Gabriel and Jonas, are altar servers in our parish. Her twin grandchildren, Suzana and Luca are in second grade and eagerly waiting until they can also become altar servers. They are truly a committed CTR Parish family.
For the past five years, Mrs. Runyon has taught seventh grade students. As part of a two-year preparation for Confirmation, she has focused on a curriculum that includes a yearly saints' project. In addition, students learn from a book entitled, We Live Our Faith. As directed by the Diocese of Metuchen, Mrs. Runyon also teaches a Family Life Program. She finds this ministry a fulfilling part of her life and enjoys her interactions with these young students.

On behalf of all the members of CTR Parish, we thank Mrs. Snow and all the staff who work tirelessly to lead our children towards a life of love toward God and each other.


On a cool breezy autumn day, dogs, cats, and bunnies gathered with their adopted families to receive their annual blessings from Father Stan. As they all assembled in front of Our Lady of Fatima statue across from Sacred Heart Church, barks of hello were exchanged between dogs as large as a small pony and as small as a large cat.

Father Stan read passages from Genesis and prayers for the good health and well-being of each animal. Afterwards, he blessed each pet with holy water and what a drenching each one received!

Some of the participants included the Kubik family: Hannah, age 9, Alexandra, 16, and Daisy, their 5year old yorkie. They also have a bunny and fish who stayed home. Alexandra's friend, Madison, was also in attendance. They come every year to have Daisy receive the blessing.

Joe Patero and his dog, Buttercup, were also there. Buttercup is 11 years old and was rescued from the "Dogs Behind Bars" program in Las Vegas. Joe and his wife found Buttercup when they lived in Las Vegas. The small dogs in the program were taken care of by the women prisoners and the large dogs by the male prisoners. This was quite an incentive for the prisoners to be on their best behavior. Joe and his wife were lucky to adopt the only small dog left.

Charlie Truszkowski and his companion, Sophie, joined the fun. Sophie is 3 years old, a boxer and sheppard mix, and was eager to play with all the other dogs. Charlie rescued her from the Bridgewater Animal Shelter. When he had cancer, Sophie never left his side, staying in bed with him until his recovery.

Other pet owners included Joe Willis and his dog, Skye, who is 5 years old and was rescued when he was 4. Hanna Maj brought Muszka (little fly) who is 9 years old. Previously, she had another dog named Mucha (big fly) about 70 years ago! Joe Yarusinsky brought Buddy, a nine year old lab and English sheep dog mix. He looked a lot like a white miniature pony. The Balicki family which included Kasia (mom), Adam age 10, Zach age 13, and Pola their dog. This was his first blessing. Jacob Grabowski age 8, brought Coco a hound mix who is only 9 months old.

The blessing event ended with a "family" photo in front of the statue of the Blessed Mother, and the animals barking their good-byes to their newly acquired friends. Visit out photo gallery >>


There is no clear evidence to the actual origin of All Saints Day. It is believed that the feast began in the 4th century as a means of celebrating and honoring all the martyrs on the anniversary of their martyrdom. During the late Roman Empire there was such an increase of martyrs, that a common day was designated to honor all of them. Originally, the feast occurred in the Easter season to align it with the Resurrection of Christ.

On May 13, 609 or 610 when Pope Boniface IV consecrated the Pantheon at Rome to the Blessed Virgin and all martyrs, the festival of All Saints occurred. Before that, there were some celebrations from the 5th through 7th centuries, but they were isolated events.

Pope Gregory III (731-7410) assigned November 1st as the official All Saints Day when he consecrated a chapel to all martyrs in the Saint Basilica in Rome. At first, this only applied to Rome, but Pope Gregory IV (827-844) extended the feast to the entire Church.



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