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Dear Friends,

I am delighted to present to you another issue of our Parish Newsletter which reaches over 900 recipients. This Newsletter has proven to be an excellent platform of feedback and communication thanks to all who contribute/edit its content. Thank you to everyone who prepared, sponsored, ran and attended the Parish Fall Dance, (Dance program). It was a great and joyful event. A special thank you to Celeste Onka for conducting the 50/50 Mega Raffle held at the dance. Congratulations to the winners and God Bless you All!!! (winners' list)

Thank you to Carol Cigler who for many years ran our Giving Tree Program. Going forward on our parish CARITAS group which runs parish food pantry will sponsor, coordinate and distribute the Giving Tree program and distribute the donations as part of their ministry.  May their commitment and hard work, inspired by the love of Jesus, reach those in most need. In order to deepen your personal relationship with Jesus, I invite you to take advantage of our annual English and Polish Advent Retreats.  Take this time to build your personal relationship with Him through faith, love, mercy and forgiveness.

On Monday December 10th at 6:00PM we will have our Ministry and Volunteer Dinner at Christ the King School to honor their commitment to and support of Christ the Redeemer.  Everyone is invited but must call or email the parish office to R.S.V.P.   We will officially present our 100th Anniversary Logo and detailed program of all the celebrations throughout the year.  I'm especially grateful to the 100th Anniversary Committee for their extraordinary dedication and work so that we may experience the rich opportunities of this time of grace.  See you there!

Now, as our parish nears the 100th Anniversary of Roman Catholic Parish life in Manville, I pray that all the members of our Parish will enter into our upcoming celebrations with hearts open to renewal and growth in the Lord through His Church. As in previous years, our parishioners from Inter-Works, Graphic and Development Studio prepared the 2019 Parish Calendar and it will soon be available to all parishioners.  The new calendar highlights our anniversary program throughout 2019.  I’m certain that you will find it very useful and informative and that the new design meets your needs.

With all of this in mind, and with hearts full of gratitude for what God is doing in our Parish, let us enter together into this jubilee year, the year of grace. Let us pray for all that is good and worthy for our future and let us rejoice in what we have received from the generations of the past!  Have a great Advent!

Fr. Stan



If you didn't know better, you would think that Redemptorist Father Mike Houston was a Manville boy. He was raised in the working-class town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After high school, he had been a blue-collar worker; had a girlfriend, played a guitar, and drove a Harley. Does this sound like the start of a priestly vocation to you? Hardly!

At the urging of his hometown pastor, Fr. Mike began studies for the priesthood. His undergraduate studies were done at Washington Theological Union, and his seminary training was mostly at St. John's University in Queens. After ordination he served 13 years in the Caribbean working with the poor. For 5 of those years, Fr. Mike was the pastor of an all-black congregation, a job he loved.

Today, Fr. Mike is an associate with Redemptorist Father Jim Szobonya, a Manville native, at St. Gerard Catholic Church in Lima, Ohio. Please welcome Fr. Mike Houston as he enlivens our faith at the evening retreat sessions, Sunday through Wednesday. Be a part of Christ the Redeemer Advent retreats, a time for renewal and preparation for Christmas. We are looking forward to seeing you!


Każdy czegoś szuka. Jedni szukają szczęścia, inni wciąż gonią za miłością, a jeszcze innym całe życia upływa na szukaniu "dziury w całym". A Ty czego szukasz? Może wydaje Ci się, jako przykładnemu chrześcijaninowi, że szukasz Boga? Paradoks jednak polega na tym, że to nie Ty szukasz Boga, ale Bóg wciąż szuka Ciebie – On od początku stworzenia szuka człowieka, którym zafascynował się od pierwszej chwili, odkąd tchnął w jego nozdrza tchnienie życia. Czy zechcesz dać Mu się odnaleźć? Jak to zrobić? Udział w rekolekcjach adwentowych to pierwszy ku temu krok. "W oczekiwaniu Pana…" – to temat naszych rekolekcyjnych zamyśleń. Ale kto na kogo czeka? Kto tak naprawdę przeżywa swój Adwent?

O. Arkadiusz Buszka - urodził się w 1984 roku w Toruniu. W roku 2008 po ukończeniu studiów na Uniwersytecie Mikołaja Kopernika wstąpił do Zgromadzenia Najświętszego Odkupiciela, a w 2010 roku złożył śluby zakonne. Święcenia kapłańskie przyjął 28 maja 2016 r. w Tuchowie. Następnie skierowany został do pracy duszpasterskiej w parafii św. Klemensa Hofbauera w Warszawie. Obecnie jest słuchaczem dwuletniego studium pastoralnego redemptorystów w Lublinie, gdzie przygotowuje się do pracy misjonarza – rekolekcjonisty. Rekolekcje odbeda sie w dniach 16 - 19 grudnia.

The Liturgical calendar ends with Solemnity of Christ the King and once again we are reminded that time is flying. We feel it even more now, since once green and full of life leaves turned into vibrant colors, now are laying on the ground ready for pick up next to the barren trees. And a chill in the air that first turned into frost brought us a few really cold days and snow still more reminds us that time is flying. But where there is an ending there is a new beginning. The new liturgical year starts now with the Advent season, allowing us once again to relive the history of salvation through liturgical celebrations. As in previous years that history of salvation is taught to 148 Religious Education students who gather each Tuesday from 5:30-6:45 in Christ the King School. The months of planning and preparation by Mrs. Charlotte Snow, Director of the Religious Education Program, in cooperation with the parish office staff, who registered the children, communicated with parents, recruited and hired teachers, aides, and substitutes, acquired materials, in order to meet the diocese requirements that the mission of the Church to spread the Good News to the next generations will continue.

Beginning with Catechetical Sunday on September 16, 2018 at 10:00AM Mass during which Mrs. Snow introduced all the Religious Ed teachers to the congregation as parents and students observed and applauded. Then Fr. Stan read the requirements and the teachers responded in the affirmative. Each catechist received a "Certificate of Commissioning" and a blessing from Father Stan. The first class began on September 25 and will continue for 30 weeks. Like previous years, second grade students will make their First Eucharist and eighth graders will receive Confirmation. The staff and students will be learning together how to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and demonstrate love for themselves and one another. So, let us support all involved in our Religious Education Program with our prayers and examples that the time though flying will be well used and bear fruits for all eternity.

We are featuring two young adults from our parish in this edition of our newsletter. They are currently in our CCD program preparing for Confirmation and shining examples of the true Christian spirit. They were willing to sit down for a few minutes for an interview.

Olivia Jaime
Our young parishioner is an eighth grade student at Alexander Batcho and Manville High Schools. She has lived in Manville her entire life receiving Baptism and First Holy Communion in our parish. As a matter in fact, Father Bogie was the priest who baptized her. Olivia has an older brother, Tristan, and an older sister, Anabella.

Olivia served as Lector at Father Bogie's 25th Anniversary Mass at Sacred Heart Church doing the first reading. She said she always tries to participate in the readings whenever the opportunity arises. She was especially excited to read at Father Bogie's Mass because her family has a close relationship with him. To prepare for Confirmation, Olivia says she will be performing service hours, studying the Gospel, and selecting a saint's name.

Alexander StarzynskiAlexander has also lived in Manville his entire life and hass been a member of our parish since his birth. He attends ABIS and has most of his classes at Manville High School. His sister, Sophia, is a student at Somerset VoTech School studying in the medical field. Alexander also has a step-brother, David, who is 26.

Everyday on this way to school, Alexander and his family pray a decade of the rosary in the car. He tries to focus on school work and avoids being distracted from this goals. Alexander is already involved in parish ministries. He has been an altar server for several years at both parish worship sites. In addition, he works at the annual parish Summer Festival each year, helping his mother in the kitchen preparing the food for the event. In the evening, he works at the soda booth selling drinks and distributing drinks to all the workers throughout the evening.

These two young parishioners are just a small sampling of the remarkable youth in our parish who help to support our mission and spread the Good News!

Christ the Redeemer Parish was honored to join in celebrating with FATHER BOGIE ON THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF HIS ORDINATION. Rev. Boguslaw Augustyn was ordained on May 30, 1993 in the Church of the Annunciation of Our Lady in Tuchow, Poland. He currently serves as an Army Reserve Chaplain with the rank of Lt. Col. He earned a Master's of Divinity degree in theology from Major Redemptorist Seminary, Tuchow, Poland, his master's degree in Church history from the Pontifical Academy of Theology, Krakow, Poland, and his master's degree in sociology from the Catholic University of America, Washington DC. He also received his doctorate in Sociology from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

Father Bogie reports to the Pentagon where he "takes the temperature every day." in his own words reporting to his superiors on the morale of the troops. He writes policies for chaplains in the Army and helps to prepare them for their ministry with the troops. On weekends, he travels to two military bases in the D. C. area serving at Masses. ...

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We are excited to inform you that we now offer ConnectNow Giving! As a church that seeks to serve, we wanted to provide you the convenience of being able to give the way you want, whenever you want. ConnectNow Giving offers you the opportunity to make secure, automatic contributions from your bank/credit/debit card account to our church. Online Giving costs you nothing and provides many advantages to you and the church. Read more >>

Blessed Kaspar Stanggassinger (12 January 1871 - 26 September 1899)

Our featured priest is a member of the Redemptorist order. He wanted to become a priest when he was just a child. He was one of 16 children in a German Roman Catholic family. As a child, he would gather all the children and young adults in the neighborhood together, when school was not in session, and take them to Mass, hiking, or other activities. His father was a farmer who also worked with stone because he owned a quarry close to their home. Blessed Stanggassinger struggled with school and the course work. His father offered him a choice of working harder or finding a job. In 1889 he contracted a serious illness. After he recovered he decided to consecrate himself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.

In 1890, he traveled to Vienna, Innsbruck, Munich, and Salzburg. In 1892, he received the tonsure and minor orders. When he went on a pilgrimage to a Marian shrine that April, he suddenly had a strong desire to join the Redemptorists. Blessed Stanggassinger was ordained to the priesthood in 1895. He taught new seminarians even though he really wanted to travel to the missions in Brazil. He was sent to Durrnburg instead of Brazil and taught high school. He also assisted at churches in the area and was devoted to the Eucharist.

In 1960, a beatification cause began. Gaspar Stranggassinger became titled as Venerable upon the confirmation of his life of heroic virtue in 1986. He was later beatified not long after that in 1988.



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