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Dear Friends,

Summer time. It is getting a little warmer and things move a little slower under the hot, summer sun. But not at Christ the Redeemer! Our Parish Calendar is filled with events, e.g.
• July 4th - Patriotic Rosary
• July 9-13 - Summer Camp
• July 15 - Patronal Parish Feast of Christ the Redeemer
• July 22 – Bicycle/motorbike Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Czestochowa Doylestown, PA
• July 24-28 – 50th Parish Summer Festival
• August 6 - Altar Servers' and Children's Choir Trip to Dorney Park
• August 9-12 - Walking Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Czestochowa Doylestown, PA

These are just some of the annual events that we need you to support to continue to make our Parish one faithful community. Please help us to make all the above activities a wonderful experience of faith, friendship and love. In particular, we need your physical help and financial support for our 50th Parish Summer Festival which is our largest fundraising event – especially before, during and after the Festival. We particularly appeal to our younger adults. We need your help too - work in the stands - sell 50/50 tickets - work in the kitchen - set up tables and chairs - clean the grounds and outdoor and indoor kitchens. So, won't you please take an active role in this year's 50th Parish Festival and volunteer? Call the Parish Office at 908 725-0072 or register on line NOW!!! The revenues generated by the Parish Summer Festival are critical to supporting the parish budget.

Thank you to those who "Took the Step" of increasing their weekly contribution which is responsible for a modest increase in our Sunday collection. These contributions REALLY make a difference. Unfortunately, we are still operating in the RED and the regular offerings do not meet our parish expenses; and once again we had to reach into our investment accounts to pay the normal bills and the needed upgrade to the heating and cooling system at CTK School and the AC system at Sacred Heart Church. In addition to the traditional way of giving at CTR Parish we also offer online giving. With ConnectNow you can even set up payments in advance! This enables you to meet your financial obligation to your parish even while away on vacation.And when you give online, it helps us close the budget gap even when summer attendance is low. Visit www.ctrmanville for the online giving link.

As you are enjoying all that the summer has to offer, please remember the church. It never takes a season off and is always here for you. So please keep Christ the Redeemer Parish in mind during your summer travels. I hope you encounter wonders as you wander, inspiration to go along with a deep sense of God's love as you revel in God's gift of creation.

Fr. Stan

Though it's hard to believe, this year we will celebrate our 50th Annual Parish Summer Festival beginning Tuesday, July 24th through Saturday, July 28th. For a half a century the people of Manville, year after year, worked hard to raise money to support our Roman Catholic community. In the past, the funds were used to pay for the up keep of the parish's buildings and grounds including Sacred Heart and Christ the King Schools. Last year's income was spent on the desperately needed renovation of the bell tower. The remaining balance was used to pay for a portion of replacing the heating and cooling system in the Christ the King School cafeteria and the air-conditioning in Sacred Heart Church.

As in previous years, one of the main fundraisers of the Summer Festival will be our Parish Cash Raffle. Money raised through the Cash Raffle will help with the remaining cost of the previous year's renovations. The winners will be drawn on Saturday night at 10 PM. First Prize will be 30% of the Gross Raffle Income; Second Prize will be 13% of the Gross, and Third Prize will be 7% of the Gross. Last year's first prize winner was $4,999.20 before taxes!

Every family recived ONE book of raffle chances at $20.00 per book. PLEASE NOTE THAT TICKETS ARE $2.00 EACH. Please try your best to sell the entire book and return it either in the Sunday collection basket or mail it to the Parish Office in the enclosed envelope. If you are unable to either sell or purchase the raffle book, please return any unsold chances by Sunday, JULY 22nd. Any unsold tickets not returned, will receive a reminder phone call.

Financial stability of the parish is my goal and one of the key components that will secure the growth of Christ the Redeemer Parish. The Summer Festival is more than a fundraiser; it bonds us together when we work for our parish. I hope that once again you will be able to "Take a Step" and offer your time and talent so that this year's Festival will be as great as those in the past. Let us pray together for good weather and good fellowship, and may God bless you and your families for your continuous dedication.

DAY 1 Well first day crazy but successful. Kids had a great time and said they'd be back tomorrow.... we said we will too!
DAY 2 Another day done... was fun and campers are so excited about coming! We’re happy to hear that! Food today was a big hit with tacos for lunch and otters for afternoon snack.
DAY 3 What an exciting day! The kids had a blast! They were in the water all day and it was tough to get them out. Beautiful weather, not crowded, water activities were age appropriate, good lunch and we even tired some of them out! Hopefully they are all tired and will sleep well tonight..... I know we will!
DAY 4 Another day of fun. Lots of tired campers from yesterday's trip but they all enjoyed today. Pizza for lunch made doves, had water games and continued to practice their songs for our closing mass Saturday.
DAY 5 Last day of camp.... campers made Otters, some made glass art, and had River Crossing crackers for snack.


On May 5, 2018, a joyous occasion occurred at CTR Parish! Twenty-three second grade children received the sacrament of the First Eucharist. Presiding over the ceremony were Rev. Stanislaw Slaby, Rev. Wojciech Kusek, Deacon Thomas Giacobbe, and Deacon William Stefany. A large excited crowd attended to see the children dressed in their finest attire and displaying their holiest demeanor.

Mrs. Charlotte Snow and Mrs. Rosemarie Charneski, the second grade teachers, organized and directed the children throughout the solemn occasion. Mrs. Lucy Mazareski was the musical director and organist.

During the homily, Father Stan produced a case that could store a Bible, but inside there was a candy bar instead!! That surprised the children. On the wrapper of the chocolate were the ingredients that are contained in a good Catholic. Of course, LOVE, was the main ingredient!

All 23 children participated in some form during the order of celebration. Some did the readings, the intercessions, brought up the gifts to the altar, presented flowers to the Blessed Mother, and sang.

The children renewed their baptismal promises and, of course, received the Eucharist.

Father Stan blessed all religious articles at the end of the service and the children posed in front of the altar for a group picture. The entire service was also videotaped for the parish and individual families. The children received a certificate, a candle, and a chocolate bar before departing with their families and friends to continue the celebration.
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This edition of our parish newsletter contains a new feature especially for our young parishioners. A boy named, Jason, who just completed his First Holy Communion, asked Father Stan some questions about our religion. Father Stan thought others might want to know the answers as well, so he suggested we add this component (Jason's Corner) to our newsletter.

Here is the first question Jason asked: "Why do we make the sign of the cross with our right hand?"

Father Stan thought for a minute and had several ideas. Perhaps the tradition started because most people are right handed. Another possibility is that Jesus sits at the right hand of God.

Jason's second question was: "What is the communion host made of?"

This was an easier question and Father Stan quickly responded that the host is simply made of flour and water.

We invite other young members of our parish to ask our priests and deacons any questions they might have about our Catholic faith and we will publish them with an answer in our newsletter. In this way, we can all learn!


Losing a mother or father, no matter her/his age or the circumstances, causes sadness and grief. There is, however, the knowledge that so many happy memories and family support can ease the suffering and put a smile on our faces again.

That occurred as Father Stan shares memories of his dad and allowed us to see into the life of his father, Jozef, and his family in Poland. Mr. Slaby passed away on May 20, 2018 at the age of 90. He had recently celebrated his birthday and, luckily, Father Stan was able to be present during the weekend of partying, family gatherings, and a home full of guests and good wishes for his father.

The Slaby family is comprised of Emilia Slaby, Father Stan's mother and wife of Jozef for 63 years and nine sons and one daughter. All the children received professional educations and are in various careers. These include: electrician, carpenter, seamstress, agriculturist, and skilled iron lathe turner. Three brothers are in the clergy. Jozef is a bishop, Maciej and Father Stan are priests. When Jozef Slaby was only 10 years old, his mother (Father Stan's grandmother) died. Jozef was raised by his father Ludwig who worked on a farm and remarried and had six other children. The farm was passed on to Jozef, and it still remains in the family today. Jozef Slaby learned how to farm from his father and taught his children. Two of Father Stan's brothers still live at the family home. The farm contains cows, pigs, chickens, and bulls. The crops are wheat, potatoes, fruit trees, and meadows for the cows to graze. Father Stan's mother converts the cows' milk to butter, cheese, and other milk products which she generously gives to any guests who visit. What a treat!

Life was not easy for Jozef Slaby. During the Communist controlled times, raising children was difficult. There were so many restrictions on products and transportation. He had to walk two hours to work each day sometimes carrying food for the family that he could not purchase close to home. That created a great deal of stress and anxiety for the family. Jozef Slaby taught his children how to work together and contribute to the family and community. He encouraged them to be strong and persistent in obtaining and pursuing their dreams. Every day the family attended Mass. The sons volunteered as Altar Servers, Lectors, and Eucharistic Ministers learning at an earlier age to share their talents.

Josef and Emilia Slaby loved to welcome family and guests. When Jozef was alive, he enjoyed talking to visitors, especially towards the end of his life. Thanks to their God's blessing and hard work the Slaby's family is prayerful household filled with love that influence others. Thanks Father Slaby for allowing the CTR parishioners to have a first-hand view of your dad, family, and the memories you cherish.


Each year on the third weekend July we celebrate the feast of Christ the Redeemer. I think it's a good opportunity to present to you our long overdue 2017 State of the Parish Report and see on paper many reasons to celebrate and rejoice as well as those to wary and pray asking our patron Christ the Redeemer to strengthen our faith and love as we continue to build CTR Parish.

The year 2017 was marked by the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of the BVM Our Lady of Fatima with multiple events. At Christ the Redeemer the message of Fatima (a message of love and peace, prayer and repentance) was woven into many celebrations such as First Saturday devotion; The Public Square Rosary of Our Lady of Fatima; visit of the pilgrim Statue of the BVM Our Lady of Fatima (February 26); First Communicants and Confirmation students pilgrimage to Blue Army Shrine, Washington NJ (May 13); 10 Anniversary of the Altar Rosary Society (ARS) (October 22) presided by Bishop James Checchio, Ordinary Bishop pf Diocese of Metuchen.

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We are excited to inform you that we now offer ConnectNow Giving! As a church that seeks to serve, we wanted to provide you the convenience of being able to give the way you want, whenever you want. ConnectNow Giving offers you the opportunity to make secure, automatic contributions from your bank/credit/debit card account to our church. Online Giving costs you nothing and provides many advantages to you and the church. Read more >>

Do you ever think about why you are of the Catholic faith? Were you born into the religion because your family members are Catholic? Did you marry someone of the Catholic faith and converted? Was there no form of religion offered to you as a child and you found the need for something greater than what life had previously offered you? Whatever the reason, have you considered the merits of devoting yourself to our faith? Deacon Tom Giacobbe has done that and lists seven reasons why he loves being a Catholic. He shares his perspective with us below.

Poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806 – 1861) wrote, "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." I count seven ways that I love being Catholic.

FAITH I love being Catholic because the Church has the full-deposit of faith, its seven Sacraments, the great Tradition, the complete Bible, and the Magisterium – the teaching and governance of the Pope and bishops. The Church's hierarchy which has existed for 2000 years seems to have been made for the long-haul. The greatest of the 7 Sacraments is the Eucharist that happens during Mass, which contains the elements that God has listed in Exodus for a worship service: sacred scripture; a sacrifice; an altar of sacrifice; a priest; priestly vestments; a sanctuary; candles; oil for anointing; incense; and a tabernacle.

TRUTH Like gravity, which affects all people equally, truth is any idea that applies equally to all. The Ten Commandments, which come from natural law, apply equally to all: Love God and your parents; don't kill, steal, lie, or have sex outside of marriage, etc. I love being Catholic because the Church has affirmed these ancient truths, but also the most important truth: Christ is the center of life. The Church also affirms other truths like the sanctity of marriage and the value of life from conception to natural death.

SERVICE I love being Catholic because the Church, more than any other organization practices what Jesus teaches: Serve people in need, which includes the sick; hungry; homeless; orphans; and immigrants. For example, one in five hospital beds in the US are in Catholic hospitals. The Church serves not only humans – the most glorious of God's creations – but also the environment.

WORLD-WIDE REACH I love being Catholic because the Church has world-wide reach for doing God's will. It sets the moral bar for the world, and it alone has the ability to mobilize world-wide efforts that no other institution can do. For example, during the 1990's the United States was attempting to fund abortions in Third World Countries through the UN. The Church formed a coalition of Moslem countries (which also oppose abortion) and blocked it in the UN.

COUNTER-CULTURAL I love being Catholic because the Church is counter-cultural. The Church creates the unity that Jesus seeks by working for the audience of One: God. This work is often counter-cultural. One of the Church's counter-cultural positions – a position vehemently opposed by current culture – deals with sexual intercourse. "Humanae Vitae," the 1968 encyclical of Pope Paul VI, prohibits contraception and prophetically predicted its consequences in society and its immoral use by governments. In society, since the 1960 introduction of "the pill" the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions has skyrocketed – an unexpected consequence for the culture but predicted by the Pope.

INTELLECTUAL I love being Catholic because the Church has a strong, intellectual tradition. For me, the motto of St. Anselm (1033-1109) – faith seeking understanding – means that we continually probe the ineffable mystery of God with reason. The Church reveres philosophy as the bridge between reason and faith. I have been educated and made my living as a scientist, and I am thankful that modern experimental science had its origin in the Catholic universities of Europe during the Middle-Ages and the Renaissance.

BEAUTY I love being Catholic for its legacy for creating beauty through art; sculpture; architecture; music; and literature. Beauty – whether created by man or nature – is a sign of God's love in the world.

"How do I love thee, O Catholic Church? Let me count seven ways." I love being Catholic because it alone contains all seven of these ways and others.



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