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Dear Friends,

If during Lent there was an emphasis on what we can do or give up to draw closer to God, Easter has a different cast – it is about proclaiming that Christ is risen! The Easter Season is a call for each of us and the world to renew our hope in Christ the Redeemer. And so, we dare to hope and, even more, dare to share that hope with a wounded struggling world.

With this Parish Newsletter we share with you some of the momentous events which took place during the last two months in our Christ the Redeemer Parish Family. But, we also look forward to great celebrations ahead of us.

Pray for our Confirmation students who will receive this sacrament on May 2nd at St. Ann's Parish in Raritan. Also remember our children, who for the first time in their lives will welcome Jesus in Holy Communion on Saturday May 5th.

Let us continue to grow in love for the Lord every day and pray for one another as we together journey to an ever-deeper faith and reawaken faith in those whose faith is in slumber.

I offer you my prayers during this Easter Season.

Fr. Stan


Please keep these young people in your prayers at this joyous time of their lives. Thank you to their teachers: Mrs. Charlote Snow, Mrs. Rosemarie Charneski, Mr. John Snow and Mr. Joe Morella, and to the parents, grandparents, family, friends, and all who helped to prepare the First Communicants and Confirmandi.

First Communicants:
Angelika Bak, Jason Cebula, Adrian Gazda, Marcello Guzman, Krystian Hajduk, Savanah Hemenway, Weronika Jaje, Maggie Kimbrough, Isabella Kot, Amelia Laureano, Brunon Lekki, Krzysztof Musielak, Viktor Obarzanek, Edward Pankowski, Isabel Piotrowski, Luca Ruderer, Suzana Ruderer, Daniel Rzeszutek, Julian Simcak, Nicole Smutek, Malgorzata Wojtach, Anthony Zaliwski, Brody Zaliwski.
Zachary Bailicki, Julia Gabryszewski, Matthew Grzywacz, Julia Jaskot, Sarah Klein, Filip Lazur, Patrick Lewicki, Alina Marsicano, Theodore Michael, Natalia Siek, Maria Szczecina, Siobhan Wesolowski.

As in many vocations and careers, one may change positions, assignments, and locations. Roman Catholic priests face similar circumstances. In their case, however, the decisions may be made for them based upon the need, mission goals, and /or prospect of building new congregations of faith. Over the years, we have had many priests serve our parish for differing amounts of time. Each time one comes or goes—especially when he leaves--- we are saddened and have to remind ourselves that our priests are the direct connection we have to our God and put aside the person he is. Not an easy task, but one we do over and over.

The time has come again to bid a fond good-bye to Father Marcin Zubik who has received the call to relocate to Argentina in South America. Father Marcin has served in that country before although in a different area. Luckily, he has maintained his knowledge of Spanish along with English and his native language, Polish. That is quite a feat!

The weekend of April 14/15, 2018 was marked with an official farewell for Fr. Marcin Zubik CSsR. At the end of each Mass celebrated by Fr. Marcin, representatives of Christ the Redeemer Parish thanked him for his pastoral work in Manville. A farewell reception with ~400 people in attendance was then held at Christ the King's school cafeteria.

After his ordination in 2005, Fr. Marcin Zubik worked in Toruń, Poland and Patagonia, Argentina. He arrived to Manville in 2014 after completing the Redemptorist Preaching School (Tirocinium) in Lublin, Poland.

During Father Marcin's four years at CTR Parish, he displayed endless energy and devotion to bringing God and His love to the people of our parish. We have enjoyed Father Marcin's sense of humor and humble personality.

In addition to his daily priestly ministry, Fr. Marcin gave a great deal of attention to the children's choir while also leading groups of families in bible study and/or spiritual reflection & growth. Every year, he organized retreats for men and women at the "Mount Saint Francis Hermitage" in Endicott, NY and a bicycling pilgrimage to the American Częstochowa in Doylestown. He was responsible for preparing various presentations such as the Living Rosary, the Christmas show (Jaselka) and a unique, patriotic celebration of the 1050th anniversary of Poland's baptism.

Fr. Marcin is known in our parish as a good preacher and confessor. Over the past four years, his commitment and involvement has served our community well and its spiritual fruits will always remain in our hearts. Christ the Reedemer parishioners offer him their heartfelt thanks and may God bless Fr. Marcin in his new assignment in Argentina!

P.S. To Father Marcin: Please accept our sincere thank you for all you have done for our parish and parishioners. You are always welcome and encouraged to come back and visit us. We can especially use your help in the kitchen during our Summer Festival!! God bless and keep you well.

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Hundreds of CTR parishioners participated in the most holy week of the church year by attending the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ known as the Holy Triduum. Our priests, deacons, altar servers, lectors, choir, organist, ushers, and Knights of Columbus members, served vital roles during Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday services. Many parishioners cleaned and decorated our two worship sites. The office staff and others prepared bilingual missals for Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday.

This year our Holy Week was very special. Both churches, Sacred Heart and Christ the King, of Christ the Redeemer Parish in Manville, NJ were beautifully decorated. The Liturgy of the Holy Week had received more faithful in attendance than in previous years. Confessionals were besieged every day, not only during the Lenten retreat, but also throughout the Holy Week by the Polish and English-speaking residents of Manville and surrounding parishes.
Holy Thursday's Mass of the Lord's Supper began with a presentation of the Holy Oils consecrated by Bishop James Checchio during the Chrism Mass on Holy Monday. After the fiery sermon by Martin Zubika CSsR, we witnessed the rite of washing of feet. Twelve men of our parish had their feet washed by Father Stan on Holy Thursday just as Jesus did with the disciples at Passover. Then the Liturgy of the Eucharist in Holy Communion has found its culmination. After the transfer of the Blessed Sacrament to the place of reposition, we stayed a little longer with our Lord in adoration. In conclusion, the priests distributed the bread that was arranged around the altar and the tabernacle.

Good Friday is time to contemplate the mystery of the Passion of Jesus Christ. In the morning, the faithful gathered in Christ the King church for the Way of the Cross. It was prepared and presented by the children attending CCD dressed in costume from the time of Christ. The liturgy of the Lord's passion and the adoration of the Cross were held in English at Christ the King church at 3pm and in Polish at Sacred Heart church at 6pm.
Holy Saturday begins with a traditional blessing of foods that the faithful eat during their Easter breakfast. One of many highlights of Holy Week occurred when Bishop James Checchio arrived at noontime on Holy Saturday to bless our Easter food in front of Sacred Heart Church. Although there was a very large crowd of men, women, and children, Bishop Checchio wandered through the crowd shaking hands and wishing all a "Blessed Easter". Both Father Stan and Bishop Checchio welcomed the group. Bishop Checchio blessed the many decorated baskets of food and all in attendance with holy water. It was heartwarming to see so many members of our parish serve as active participants as we followed Jesus through his suffering and death as a sacrifice for our sins. Holy Saturday is also the time of vigil at the Tomb of Christ. Throughout the day, our altar servers guarded the tomb while the parishioners visited His tomb reflecting with silence and prayer upon what Christ has done for us.
The Easter Vigil started in our parish at 8pm. The faithful gathered in front of the church to participate in the blessing rites of fire and the paschal candle. After entering the church and kindling the candles brought in by the people, the Easter message "Exultet" was solemnly sung by Fr. Stan Slaby. The Easter Vigil readings invite us to meditate upon the great works that the Lord has made since the beginning of the world and to profess our faith in God. The baptismal water was then blessed. Baptismal promises were renewed by the faithful and our candidate for confirmation, who later received the sacrament of confirmation.
On Easter Sunday morning, the solemn resurrection procession around the Sacred Heart church took place encouraging people to proclaim to the world that Christ is Risen! May the Easter message echoes in us throughout the year and not to be ignored. It's meant to be heard and then shared.
Christ the Redeemer Parish is a home to diverse, yet tightly knit vibrant Catholic community with strong Polish apostolate.

On the occasion of 100th anniversary (1918-2018) of Poland's regained independence we are proud to present you a website that commemorates and honors those who fought for its independence.

On this website you will find lots of information about Polish history and President Woodrow Wilson's role in the process to regain Poland's independence.

I pray that you will find this website very informative and join us in our celebration of the 100th anniversary of Poland's regained independence.

We are excited to inform you that we now offer ConnectNow Giving! As a church that seeks to serve, we wanted to provide you the convenience of being able to give the way you want, whenever you want. ConnectNow Giving offers you the opportunity to make secure, automatic contributions from your bank/credit/debit card account to our church. Online Giving costs you nothing and provides many advantages to you and the church. Read more >>


Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers as recognized by several Christian denominations as a martyr killed in the 3rd-century in Rome.

There are some questions as to whether Christopher existed or was actually the same person known as Saint Menas. There are several legends associated with the life and death of Saint Christopher which first appeared in Greece and had spread to France by the 9th century. The most famous legend, which may have originated from Ancient Greek mythology, recounts the story of Christopher carrying a child, a stranger, across a river. As Christopher states that the child was the heaviest burden he had ever carried, the child indicates that he is Christ. The child, Christ, encourages Christopher to follow Him.

Based on that historical "evidence", Christopher became the patron saint of travelers. Many people carry an image or medal of Saint Christopher with them especially placing them in vehicles. Others might wear a medal around their necks, as a bracelet, and in their purses for protection and safe travel. How many of you possess one or more of these?



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