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Dear Parishioners,

First, I wish to thank all of you for your f faith, love and commitment that was heavily tested over these past two years. Though the year of 2020 was very difficult due to the COVID 19, we persevered with grit and determination following the necessary sanitary restrictions in order to provide a safe place to pray and worship. I thank you for your cooperation and adherence to those sanitary restrictions. ( See 2020 State of the Parish Report) Our journey as the Christ the Redeemer Parish continued in 2021 despite the difficulties and fears of the pandemic. And, we are thankful to be on that journey with you. Please take a minute and read this parish Newsletter that summarizes the highlights and shadows of the four seasons of 2021.

You are a part of “Redeemer’s Family”, may Christ, bless you in this New Year of 2022!

Fr. Stan

The year 2021 started with the hope that the newly developed vaccine would stop or at least significantly slow the Covid Pandemic. Though, many traditional events had to be cancelled due to COVID restrictions, the year was marked by creativity, flexibility, and adjustment. These three were instrumental to meet the pastoral needs. Below are some the most significant achievements of the year that demonstrate the determination of faith while dealing with the pandemic.

Our Home Blessing/Koleda a hallmark of our parish, was done only by request. However, every day of the scheduled home blessings at 6:00 PM at Sacred Heart church an additional Mass was live streamed and offered for the people to be visited on that day.

Later during Lent, we were invited to pick up the cross and follow Christ. We undertook this journey wholeheartedly through the works of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Moreover, Fr. Stan Slaby CSsR translated to English a Lenten Lamentations devotion (Text of Lenten Lamentation). These beautiful melodies and poetic meditations to deepen our faith and understanding of Jesus’ Passion, were well received.

Additionally, during this holy season we were invited on a faith journey with deacon Tom via Zoom. Every Monday at 7:00 p.m. a group of parishioners gathered to share their faith.

Using Zoom technology, 12 parishioners made a 5-week pilgrimage through Lent led by Deacon Tom. On Monday evenings, the pilgrims gathered virtually to pray, discuss the meaning of Sunday’s scripture readings, and share some recent happenings in their lives. Deacon Tom repeatedly emphasized the importance of sharing our daily comings and goings, our victories, and hardships through our Catholic lens of Christ. We are a resurrection people, and these 5 sessions should lead to our enhanced celebrations of Jesus’ Resurrection on Easter. But there’s more: During the 5 weeks, the pilgrims met the other participants making new connections and forming a small faith community.

Lenten Retreats in Polish were led by Fr. Zbigniew Pienkos CSsR.

On March 16 the Outdoor Stations of the Cross powerfully demonstrated our bond to the cross of Jesus and our faith in the healing power of God’s Love (See pictures).

A Lenten Concert entitled “IN MANUS TUAS, DOMINE - INTO YOUR HANDS, LORD was held on Sunday, March 14 and was well received. Mrs. Małgorzata Kellis (soprano), Mrs. Valeria Chibisova (soprano), and Sergey Iorov (piano) presented works by: G. Bizet, J.S. Bach, A. Stradella, G.F. Handel, P.I. Tchaikovsky, W.A. Mozart, W. Lutoslawski, P. Mascagni, Ch. Gounod. (See the program and recorded concert on YouTube).

With the Holy week celebrations, the spiritual spring blossomed even though we were still dealing with the coronavirus. Holy Week and Easter were celebrated in person and live-streamed.. The Holy Week services provided us with an opportunity to remember and give thanks for the gift of redemption that climax with the hope of the resurrection. (See the pictures).

The joy of spring filled the hearts of many on the day of First Holy Communion, Saturday, May 1 when 9 children received Jesus for the first time in their lives. (See the pictures). Due to the coronavirus, Bishop Checchio s granted our pastor, Fr. Stan Slaby CSsR special permission to confirm 11 students of our Parish on Saturday, April 24, , at Sacred Heart Church. The parish is especially thankful to Mrs. Snow, the CCD teachers, staff, students, families, and all who helped to make these celebrations memorable. (See the pictures)

As a last of the great accords of spring was our Corpus Christi procession (Sunday, June 6). It was a manifestation of faith in the real presence of Christ under the auspices of bread and wine. Like before the pandemic, we walked from Sacred Heart to Christ the King church. (See the pictures)Since the COVID restrictions were lifted a week later we held the Parish Picnic at the Elks of Hillsborough grounds. Many parishioners came in spite of initial reservations and spent quality time in a safe environment. (See the pictures)

Like previous years we honored Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) with Novena/Mass and procession around the block. God gave as a beautiful Sunday afternoon. (See the pictures) Unfortunately, due to the corona virus our annual children’s Summer Camp like the previous year was canceled. The extra time was dedicated to reorganizing our annual Summer Festival. Using a new approach, we changed our preparation procedures while maintaining our highest quality standard. What previously took more than two months took a few days. Thanks to the introduced changes we were able to make 16,000 pierogies in 5 days and 6 000 golabkies (stuffed cabbage) in 4 days (Summer Festival financial summary) . Thanks to Halinka Polish Deli and a group of very skillful and dedicated parishioners. Additionally in response to parishioners’ suggestions, instead of 5 days, out Sumer Festival was run for 4 days. It was a great success. The turnout was amazing. People were happy that after months of covid they finally could enjoy great food, music, and company. Thank you for your great work and participation. GREAT JOB! (See the pictures)

After a very successful summer, the fall season started with a devastating flood. Once again, over 50% of Manville and some of our parish buildings were severely damaged. Again, CTK church suffered a severe blow due to the high volume of rain as did CTK school even though it sits on higher ground. Thankfully, hurricane Ida and its aftermath had little effect on Sacred Heart church and surrounding church properties that sit on higher ground. It was a very difficult and challenging time for all of us. Thank you to so many who came to our aid and joined our efforts to help those who needed the assistance even more.

On September 1, 2021 nearly half of all Manville residents and businesses suffered from the flooding caused by Hurricane Ida. The people were unprepared since the storm was not expected to cause such a catastrophic event, but the amount of rain that came down so fiercely and endlessly on previously saturated ground was overwhelming. Some had minor damage but many, many had severe damage to their properties; some with total loss of homes, automobiles, personal property, etc.
Christ the Redeemer Parish also suffered massive damage in Christ the King Church and School. During and after a preliminary assessment of our own damages and taking preventative measures to avoid further ruin, we quickly set out to supply affected flood victims with food, cleaning supplies and cleanup services. On Labor Day parish volunteers formed four teams of six and two teams of four and spent several hours of their holiday providing cleaning services to the flooded families who requested help. We also organized to provide cleaning supplies, clothing, gift cards, food, and hot and cold meals. Continue reading...

With great joy beginning October our Religious ED students returned to “in classroom” studies, however “Google Classroom” remained in use as the platform of communication. Also, to maintain sacramental unity every Tuesday at 5:30PM at Sacred Heart Church we celebrate the Mass for our students, parents/guardians and teachers.

During the Covid shutdown in 2020-2021, our CCD program had to be greatly modified to conform to the restrictions and keep students and teachers safe from the virus. Teachers, parents, and students had to learn how to interact with a virtual system on Google Classroom.
Luckily, with the success of vaccines and reduction in Covid cases in NJ, we have been able to resume a more normal structure for our students, parents, and staff. This year, our program began on October 5th with students and staff attending in person at Christ the King School. One requirement mandates everyone wear a mask. This protects those not yet vaccinated and prevents an outbreak that might result in resuming virtual instructions. Students and staff have been so cooperative with this measure.
Prior to the resumption of classes, Father Stan reviewed the curriculum for each grade 1-8 and presented the teachers with a helpful outline of weekly lesson content. In addition, He included a calendar of special events and celebrations.
An important feature in this year’s CCD program is monthly Masses at Sacred Heart Church. Each week, two grade levels (1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8) attend mass as their instruction for that week. The priest or deacon designs a homily appropriate for each grade that encourages their involvement.
During the year, students will participate in monthly children’s liturgy at Sunday Masses, complete initiation for Confirmation and Eucharist Sacraments, Advent and Lenten Retreats, Religious Oplatki and Christmas Vigil, Outdoor Stations of the Cross, and a yearly examination of their learning.
Our success in the CCD program is not only dependent on the dedication of the staff and students, but also the participation and involvement of the parents. Throughout the year, we will continue to pray for God’s guidance and support from the members of Christ the Redeemer Parish.

Moreover, the Mega Raffle drawing took place on October 10th at 3:00 p.m. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Celeste Onka for supervising and conducting 2021 Mega Raffle and all participants.

Christ The Redeemer Mega Raffle 2021 WINNERS!
1st -- $3,307.50 -- Jessica Forsthoffer
2nd -- $2,480.63 -- Elizabeth Bednarczyk
3rd -- $1,653.75 -- Maryann Kristopovich
22 Runner Up Prize Winners - $413.44
Knights of Columbus, Cassandra Russell, Hanna Szymanik, Laurie Lukacs, Gift to CTR, Matthew Charneski, Todd Northrop, Best Little Market Manville, Jodi Torok, Theresa Zacharewich, Peter Rybski, Karen Liccardi, Elizabeth Bednarczyk, Geralyn Huber, Libero Ravaioli, Gloria Saverino, Joseph & Amelita Zaleski, Mary Raimondo, Bill Stefany, Mirella Gazo, Sharon Pfoutz, Sadie Kennedy.

Also in the fall, the CTR Parish Annual Financial Report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021 was finalized and is available here. I want to thank you for your weekly contributions and support of our parish fund-raising efforts. Please consider making a sacrificial increase to your weekly contributions.

There was no annual parish dance in 2021 because of the pandemic and the damage of CTK school cafeteria caused by hurricane Ida. The new liturgical season started with Advent Retreat in English (December 5th - 9th, 2021) preached by Fr. Kevin MacDonald C.Ss.R. and in Polish (December 13th - 16th) by Fr. Łukasz Drozak C.Ss.R. Both retreats were livestreamed.

The Calendar year was closed with Christmas celebrations. During this Christmas season we gathered at Sacred Heart church to worship and fill our hearts and minds with God's Word. May our Lord Jesus Christ, born in Bethlehem, bless you, your families and loved ones now and throughout 2022!


In October of 2021, Pope Francis began an unprecedented 2-year, worldwide laity Synod (Synods are usually for Cardinals and Bishops). The Pope wants the Church's hierarchy to listen to people like you. During the next two years, there will be listening sessions designed to renew Catholic's Conversations, Participation, and Mission.

Listening sessions for this parish along with other parishes in this area will be held at Immaculate Conception Church in Somerville. Deacon Tom is undergoing training to be one of the facilitators for these listening sessions. Additional information will be communicated as the Synod progresses.

For more info:

By the decree of the Polish Redemptorist’s Provincial, Fr Marcin Gacek C.Ss.R. is being transferred to Denmark. His farewell Masses were celebrated on the weekend of January 29/30, 2022  after Masses followed by fellowship in the parish auditorium after each Mass. We wish Father Marcin God’s blessing as he begins his ministry in Copenhagen. God Speed! Watch on YouTube (PL)

  There is now a updated playlist of the 2022 Gospel Reflection Videos that will play one after the other if you just let the first one finish. Starting from January 2nd 2022. Please watch and share! CLICK HERE >>
The Polish School invites you to Ostatki - Masquerade Ball. February 26, 8pm-2am at Polanka. Tickets available in local Polish delicatessen (Halinka Deli, B&L) Lampol Travel, online and Polish School MORE INFO >>   Our Parish Calendar has finally arrived. Digital version available online CLICK HERE
Parish Mission Renewal
In English – March 19-23 and in Polish – March April 3-7 of 2022

In 2019 our parish celebrated 100 Anniversary of Roman Catholic Parish Life in Manville with Parish Mission. After two years of Covid 19 pandemic it’s time to take a booster, spiritual booster that will help us to renew our spiritual life and relation with Jesus. The Redemptorist missionaries Rev. Rodney Olive and Rev. Witold Radowski invite all to a deeper relationship with the Lord. Come and be renewed, spiritually renewed.


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