If any parents or students encounter any problems trying to log into the Google Classroom for their child, or with accessing as a Parent/Guardian, please send an e-mail to: .

We welcome all families into our Religious Education Program 2020/2021.

This program is the tool for Christ the Redeemer families to be the domestic church. Because of the pandemic, this year more than ever, we see the need to encourage our faith to be lived in the domestic church. The program relies on parents to play a role in educating their children. We are aware that parents have a lot on their plate, that's why we don't want to burden them, but want to support them as the primary catechist of their children, the primary teacher of the faith.

On Catechetical Sunday our dedicated catechists have been commissioned to teach the Good News. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic it’s been decided that at Christ the Redeemer Parish we will be teaching remotely using “Google Classroom” as the platform of communication. Thank you to all who were involved with setting it up.

By now all parents should have received an email with an invitation to subscribe to our Religious Ed “Google Classroom”. If you encounter any difficulties subscribing or did not received an invitation please check your email spam folder or notify the parish office so we can assist you ASAP. Every week on Tuesdays, catechists will post the lessons for each class on Christ the Redeemer Religious Ed “Google Classroom”. The student with the assistance of their parent (and catechist if needed) will be responsible for completing the work and turning it in each week by Friday. Additionally, to maintain sacramental unity every Tuesday at 5:30PM at Sacred Heart Church we will celebrate the Mass for our students and parents Religious Ed Mass Schedule.

If you need any assistance, please call our Religious Education office. We are committed to working together with our families to help them make Christ a priority in their children's lives as they grow into the people that God created them to be. We are certain that this year will be beneficial to all of us if we embrace the will of God doing all in our power to maintain a safe and healthy school year!

Please register for Honeywell Instant Alert system

We are asking that you download the Parish App so that you can stay abreast as plans for the 2020/2021 school year are finalized. Instructions for downloading the Parish App are as follows:
iPhone users Text:ParishApp1 to 555888
Android Users Text: ParishApp2 to 555888

“Parents are the primary educators of their children. Education in the faith by the parents should begin in the child's earliest years. Family catechesis precedes, accompanies, and enriches other forms of instruction in the faith. Parents have the mission of teaching their children to pray and to discover their vocation as children of God. The parish is the Eucharistic community and the heart of the liturgical life of Christian families; it is a privileged place for the catechesis of children and parents." (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2226)
last updated: 11.03.2020